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Intel Officers involved in ops against ISI, are now on its Hitlist

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This article is the first part of a series, exposing ISI’s nefarious designs to subvert India, by weakening its defence forces, and by disrupting the electoral process of the biggest democracy in the world.

According to latest intel report, ISI is mulling over the execution of a sinister plan to kill some Indian intelligence and ATS(Anti-Terrorist Squad) officers. In last few months, ISI had to face a blow to its operations as our intel agencies and ATS, successfully whittled down the enemy spy agency’s sphere of influence in India; ISI has not just lost its assets in India but also within Pakistan.

As per the intel, ISI may or may not be using its direct recruits and agents, but might use one of its home grown terrorist organization called AQIS (Al-Qaida in Indian subcontinent) for carrying out the operation. It’s a well-known fact that AQIS is not just funded by ISI but the spy agency also trains the recruits of AQIS at a Laskshar camp in PoK. The terrorist organization has already been shunned by Islamic state (IS) for making false claims that AQIS is under its patronage. According to a call that was interceptedrecently, AQIS planned lone wolf attacks on Indian officers.

Our sources tell us, that this isn’t the first time ISI has put Indian intel officers on its cross-hairs, in the past some of them have escaped attempts on their life. One such incident is the 2014 Bangalore blast, in which a low intensity IED(improvised explosive device) placed inside Coconut Grove Bar, killed a woman and injured four others.

In last few months our agencies have arrested myriad of ISI agents across the country which broke ISI’s back in India, this is the reason why they have decided to “bump-off” some of the Indian intel officers on its radar. A few of the important arrests made this year are:

Pakistani spy agency, ISI, which works as a force multiplier for the emasculated Pakistani army, aims at causing communal disharmony in India prior to 2019 elections. It has been trying to revive Khalistan movement and cause communal unrest between Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab; simultaneously it has also joined hands with Naxals in the red corridor. Our intelligence agencies have put their nose to the grinding stone to thwart attacks on Indian soil and ergo Pakistan is visibly upset.

While addressing NSG commandos on their 36th raising day on 16th october, home minister Rajnath Singh said, that lone wolf attack is going to be a major challenge for India.

Could he be possibly be hinting at the intel report regarding AQIS’s next op?

“Forewarned is forearmed”.

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