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A Veteran Opines– A Planned Security Failure Or A Preplanned Conspiracy To Assassinate PM MODI?

By Abhi Athavale, a Veteran from Indian Army

On the 5th of January, When the first pictures of Modiji’s cavalcade stranded on a flyover just 20 Kms away from the Pakistan border were flashed on the National Television it a chill crawled up the spine.

He was stranded on the flyover for a good 20 minutes.

The PM’s cavalcade could have been ambushed, he could have been fired upon by an RPGL, or even lynched by the Khalistanis who had gathered at the site under the guise of farmer’s protest.

There is a video going viral on the media which is a replica of what happened on the 5th of January. This animated video is of 2020. Was this some kind of instruction by the handlers from the UK to the Khalistani sleeper cells in Punjab? Was it scripted in 2020 and executed on 5th January?

You will be horrified to see the similarities between the animation and the incident of 2022

You can watch the animation here.

Despite the 5 letters as early as 2nd January sent by the ADGP law and order to various SSP’s of the state clearly directing them that the PM’s cavalcade could travel by road due to poor weather conditions predicted by the IMD which could occur on the day of the rally.

It is learnt that the SSP Firozpur had leaked the information of PM’s route. Despite the intelligence inputs on the threat from across the border.

It is now clear that the Punjab police were in collusion with the protesters who had gathered on the PM’s route.

The CM Punjab blatantly and shamelessly stated that the government had no idea of the PM’s change of plans to travel by road to Firozpur. And adds NO SECURITY LAPSE, THERE WAS NO DANGER TO PM’S LIFE: CM CHANNI

Protocol of receiving the PM by the CM was not followed, reasons given were he had come in contact with a Covid affected person; while on the same day evening was seen giving a press statement.

The route on which The  PM was travelling should have been sanitized, buildings adjacent on the road should have been Manned.

There were top police officials ( The ADGP law and order and the DGP) cars in the PM’s cavalcade which were without the officers. Strange? Absence on purpose? It has to be probed.

How did the DGP give clearance to the PM’s cavalcade to travel when protesters were on the road?

The Punjab police were aware of the fact that the IAF had denied permission for chopper flight to the rally site due to the bad weather. They were also given this information 97 minutes before even the convoy left Bhatinda Airport. The Punjab police had enough time to inform the SPG about the blockade on the flyover.

Siddhu, a Sidekick of a comedy show shamelessly said that the farmers gave a Tit for tat to Modi.

It is clear by now that there is a systematic plan by the ISI and the UK-based Gurpatwant Singh Pannun to revive Khalistani militancy. Siddhu’s collusion with the ISI and the Khalistanis should be probed.

India has already lost two Prime ministers and one CDS do we need to lose one more?

This breach of security must be taken very seriously at the highest level and immediately without further delays.

Congress had created Bhindranwala and the Khalistani movement.

And By #IndiraGandhi to fulfill her political ambitions.

Shockingly, the CM of Chhattisgarh in a press statement said that the incident of the security breach is a drama of BJP. He even goes further to state that did anyone throw stones on Modiji’s car? Was he attacked?

What a shame on the political class of our nation. The PM irrespectively of any party is the PM of our nation first.

It is high time for the center to rethink the issues of federalism. If the state police were to act on the whims of the political dispensation of the state all hell would break loose Maharashtra is a classic example.

The new definition of federalism is to use the security apparatus to the advantage of their political masters. Alarming. But a fact.

Is this the new norm to sit on Dharnas, block roads, ambush VIP movements?

Take hostages? Lynch the PM?

In the PM’s security breach case were the police instructed by the CM / SIDDHU /RAHUL /SONIA not to clear the roadblock? There is a strong possibility of this. As Congress can stoop down to any level. Manishankar Ayer’s interview on a Pakistani channel requesting Pakistanis to remove Modi is proof enough.

PM’s security breach would have long-term implications and is bad for the image of our nation.

We have been made a laughingstock globally.

Punjab is a hotbed for drugs and Khalistani militancy. Khalistani movement is now likely to be a real worry and clear and present danger.

Anyone found guilty of dereliction of duty be it the DGP ADGP the CM should be arrested immediately for treason and put behind bars.

To sum up I wish this to be a bad nightmare.

By – Abhi Athavale

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