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Misuse Of State Police Machinery By The Political Parties And Appalling Indifference Shown By The Judiciary

Rampant misuse of state police machinery by the political parties and the respective Chief Ministers of the states, and the indifference shown by the judiciary in reigning the state police and their political masters.

By – Abhi Athavale, Veteran

Palghar monk lynching brought humanity to shame. It is in public domain how the police handed over the Sadhus to the violent mob who lynched him. The poor fellow’s terrified looks haunt everyone even today.

The moot question is who will guard the guardians of law?

Where is the accountability of the police?

 When is the judiciary going to slap Suo moto notices against atrocities of the police and the state governments?

When are the Milords going to take suo moto cognisance of the hate speeches by Owasi brothers and file cases against them ?

Sushant Singh Rajput murder case of 2020 raises serious concerns on the way the investigation was handled by the Mumbai police. The HM Anil Deshmukh of Maharashtra gave a certificate of suicide case even before the Postmortem was performed. The DCP also followed with the same statement even before the PM was performed. Crime scene was desecrated, and it was a free for all tourist destination. The Postmortem too was a sham.

In spite of the so-called suicide case of Disha Salian on June 9th 2020 just a few days before Sushant Singh Rajput murder raises many questions on the Mumbai police. Some powerful politician’s son and powerful superstars from the Bollywood are said to be involved in Sushant Singh Rajput murder case, both the cases were bungled and is apparent the way the postmortem was performed.

The nation demands an answer as to the status of these cases.

Arnab Goswami arrest – He was one of the victims of political vendetta.

I was appalled when CP Mumbai Parambir Singh gave a presser falsely accusing Arnab Goswami of involvement in the TRP case. The case fell flat on the face.

When this failed, Armed police with automatic weapons raided Arnab Goswami’s residence, unceremoniously dragged him out of his house and arrested him in the case of a 2018 suicide case of a interior designer Anvay Naik and his mother. She was found to be strangulated according to the postmortem report. It was believed that Anvay Naik killed his mother before committing suicide by hanging.

Raigad police had closed the case in 2019 as no evidence was found in the suicide note indicting the accused including Goswami.

But the MVA government reopened the case under the instruction of the HM Deshmukh. Can a state HM order the police to reopen a case which is closed? A clear case of political vendetta.

 As Arnab Goswami was hammering the government for their failure to investigate the Sadhus lynching case of Palghar, #SushantSinghRajput case and #DishaSalian case his sharp attacks on NCP Supremo, Sonia Gandhi and his accusations on a top politician’s son #Penguin. So, he had to be silenced he was arrested and sent to Taloja jail in Thane where hard-core criminals are housed.

Finally, the Apex court granted him the freedom and showed displeasure the way state government police were used to settle personal vendettas.

False Sedition case was filed against Navnit Rana and her husband for wanting to chant hanuman Chalisa!!! They were illegally arrested as at the time of their arrest there was no arrest warrant, 124(A) which was slapped next day of the arrest. Was the SOP Followed by police officers and the courts to give intimation to chairman about arrest, detention, etc. and release of a member.

The trial court did not grant them bail and their demand for squashing the FIR was rejected, and were awarded with a 15 days judicial custody.

The High Court and the sessions Court also dragged their feet and refused any relief to the couple. Finally, the sessions court granted them bail after 13 days under stringent conditions which violate freedom of speech granted by the constitution to every citizen.

Here I would like to mention one case Now look at the example Jahangirpuri.

After the bulldozer reached Jahangirpuri at 10.30 am, Ulema’s lawyers Kapil Sibal, Dushyant Dave and Prashant Bhushan went straight to the Supreme Court at 10.31 am and at 10:45 am the Supreme Court granted stay.

It is the fundamental right of every citizen to criticise the governments. Arrest of Navnit and Ravi Rana is a blatant violation of slapping sedition case under the pressure of the Uddhav Sarkar. The CP of Mumbai is the final authority and has to be made aware before filing an FIR on a sitting MP for Sec 124(A). By giving a green signal to prosecute the MP for a frivolous case of sedition he should be arrested immediately.

Any layman could tell chanting Hanuman Chalisa doesn’t amount to a conspiracy to dissolve the MVA Sarkar. The trial court in the first place should have squashed the sedition case.

What is MVA Sarkar afraid of?

Why are the states /CM’s using the police to settle scores?

I have a question for the Milord’s are you also the part of the ecosystem of the respective state governments and part of their design to suppress the voice of the people. As right to bail is the fundamental right of a citizen.

Why didn’t the learned judge of the Bombay HC not grant them the bail? Didn’t they see through the FIR u/s 124(A) was frivolous and illegal…!!! Is the Bombay HC and the lower courts part of the ecosystem of the state government?

Questions are raised as to how chanting Hanuman Chalisa amounts to revolt against the state government?

In clear case of violation of the standard operating procedures of informing the Delhi police Punjab police barges in to the house of Mr Tejinder Singh Bagga, manhandles him and practically drags him out of his house bungled him in to a private vehicle brought by the Punjab police. Déjà vu of a similar arrest of Mr Goswami.

He was arrested on charges for a so called tweet which threatened Arvind Kejriwal about exposing him on his governance and false claims

States using the police of the day to wash their dirty linin. While I write this a Mohali court has issued a non bailable warrant against Tejinder Bagga u/s 153 & Other sections. I strongly believe it to be a misappropriation and misuse of the judiciary by the state.

It has become a very dangerous and disturbing trend.

Imagine this–Yogi Aditya Nath Ji filing a FIR against #uddhavthakre for addressing him in derogatory manner as ” He is not a Yogi but a Bhogi”

Before things go out of hand laws must be enacted to protect the interests of the civil society.

Need of the hour is to speed-up reform the police machinery and the judiciary ASAP. It is already late before it becomes too late corrective measures are fast needed.

The IPC was enacted in October 1860, but brought into force fifteen months later on the 1st January 1862.

Need of the hour is to reform IPC and CrPc to give speedy justice.

Entire judiciary needs to be overhauled from the Apex court down to the lower courts.

Reasons for the delays in justice.

The British instituted courts in India in 1860, and since the judges were British, the tradition of long vacations originated during their rein. Majority of the judges were British and had to travel to the UK to meet their families and air travel started only after WWII before which they had to travel by sea hence long Vacation.

As of now the Apex court functions for 193 days in a year. HC 210 days and the trial courts around 240 days. Not to speak about the vacations of the parliament.

There are approximately 31 million cases pending in the courts of India. And has 15 judges per a million of the population.Urgent reforms are the need of the hour.

If “Yesterday was too early. Tomorrow will be too late. Today is the day of reckoning for each of us.”

By – Abhi Athavale. Veteran.

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