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Mossad Fooled Iran’s IRGC Customers to Buy Fake Missile Parts

Iran Accuses Israel Of Missile Sabotage Plot

Iran accuses Israeli intelligence, Mossad, of planning to sell ‘damaged’ parts for Tehran’s ballistic missile program through foreign suppliers. Tehran also claimed that the defective component was designed to explode. Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister, Brigadier General Reza Talaei-Nik, made the allegations on state TV on Thursday night, Riau24 reported.

A reporter also said the parts could be used in Iran’s extensive arsenal of drones, which have grown in prominence amid their use by Russia in its war on Ukraine. The report described the alleged Israeli operation as “one of the biggest attempts at sabotage” it had ever seen. It accused Israeli Mossad agents of supplying the faulty parts, which the state TV report described as low-price “connectors, AP reported.

The Times of israel said–“The intelligence unit of the defense ministry thwarted one of the largest sabotage plots targeting Iran’s missile, aviation and airspace military industry,” state TV said, according to Reuters. “This sabotage was carried out under the guidance of the Zionist intelligence services and their agents.”

The semi-official Mehr news agency said the intelligence department of the country’s defense ministry and the logistics branch of the armed forces had issued a statement on the matter.

Pic credit: Times Of Israel

Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister Mehdi Farahi charged that enemy agents had attempted “to put an explosive and undetectable circuit” inside missiles “so that it would explode at a specified time and date,” IRNA said.

The unnamed official was quoted as saying that “a very professional network, under the direct guidance of the Mossad organization, planned to sell defective and faulty parts to be used in the production of advanced missiles.”

“This network, by trying to sell the faulty parts, intended to convert the missiles into explosive devices to inflict a blow to industrial production lines and employees working in this field,”, reported Al Arabiya.

The Iranian official said– “Despite the very complex plan of the Zionist enemy, this action was under intelligence and operational monitoring from the very beginning and was completely neutralized by the arrest of the network’s agents.”

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