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Misuse Of State Police Machinery By The Political Parties And Appalling Indifference Shown By The Judiciary

Rampant misuse of state police machinery by the political parties and the respective Chief Ministers of the states, and the indifference shown by the judiciary in reigning the state police and their political masters. By – Abhi Athavale, Veteran Palghar monk lynching brought humanity to shame. It is in public domain how the police handed Read More

Cabal Exposed- Time to Introspect and Reform

By Esha Indian democracy is under attack from internal and external enemies of  the country. It has become the new normal to make sweeping comments about everything Indian. What is strange is that these attacks are made by people who actually have no idea about India! They blatantly disregard the complexity of the Indian culture Read More

Has This Pandemic Destroyed The Cultural Ethos Of The Society?

By AbhiAthavale (Veteran) The world has changed dramatically over the past three months. The Chinese virus unleashed upon the world has altered the perception of what was once deemed normal. Freedom of movement, socializing, or  leading a carefree lifestyle are no longer viable. Memories of attending functions, parties, spending a lazy Sunday in a mall, Read More

Age of Autodidact

By Article by Tapan Mishra,  an Indian scientist who was the director of Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). When I took charge of Director, PRL, one curious PhD student barged into my room and asked innocently, “Sir, there is a rumour that you are the least qualified among scientific staff. Is it true? How Read More

A Rough Road Ahead For Indian Economy?

Article by Omkar Godbole History may not always repeat itself, but it often rhymes. A Rough Road Ahead?  India Heading Into High Inflation Environment As Markets Forecast Fed Rate Hike India’s economy and the rupee’s exchange rate could be in for turbulent times reminiscent of the high-inflation environment during the UPA-II regime and the sudden Read More

How Covid Management In India Became a “Tragedy” ?

By  Abhi Athavale (retd), Indian Army Veteran frm EME From the Lutyens and paid media to the panelists on TV channels, from international platforms to Indian politicians, and freelance “presstitutes” like Barkha Dutt, Rana Ayyub, Sardesai,  his wife Sagarika Ghose, Ravish Kumar, Arfa Khanum Sherwani who only report on the foreign digital media against India are sharpening Read More

Indian Media—Is It Indian Anymore? Manipulative 4th Pillar Of Indian Democracy

By Col Abhi Athavale (retd), from Maratha Light Infantry The fourth pillar of Indian democracy has drastically failed to induce confidence amongst the Indian people. The national print and the Television news channels are to be blamed for the panic caused amongst the people in India. The supreme Court says it cannot gag the media Read More

Delhi Police ko Dhanyavad

By Tanmay Naik India – a country of of 1.30 billion has handled the pandemic far better than supposedly developed nations. Whether in going in for an early lockdown that saved lives or leading the way in creative acknowledgements of health care workers. To bringing back lakhs of Indians home through the Vande Bharat and Read More

Indian History Must be Taught With Unbiased And Non-political Agenda

By Tanmay Naik _”Had Shivaji been born in England, we would not only have ruled the entire world, but the whole Universe :– ( Lord Mountbatten, England)”_ This quote itself states that how glorious our Indian history is . I. Introduction Studying history enables us to develop better understanding of the world in which we Read More

When Revolvers Were Medals!

The highest Gallantry award for Police in India’s pre-republic days used to be the King’s Police and Fire Service Medal. Awards and honours of the Commonwealth realms ceased to be awarded in India after the promulgation of the Constitution of India on 26 January 1950. Upon becoming a republic, it was necessary for India to establish its own honours system. For Read More

01/06–The Day That Tested American Democracy

n 1949, wrote a novel Nineteen Eighty Four, where the ‘Thought Police’ was used to monitor citizens of a country who may or may not have posed a threat to the authorities. He mentioned the concept of ‘policing your thoughts’, whereby thoughts which did not suit the narrative of some powerful people were considered criminal acts.

Kashmir no longer an Apartheid Warzone- thanks to Indian Government

Terrorism is at an all time low in the valley and things are beginning to come back to normalcy. This move corrected a historic wrong and relegated the Kashmiri leadership of the past into the dustbins of history forever, where they belong.

Myths VS Facts- Anarkali, Testimony Of Mughal Voyeuristic Acts

The movie Mughal-e-Azam is perhaps, one of the best loved, love stories, based on the lives of a court dancer in Akbar’s court, Anarkali and his crown prince Salim. As seen with regards to various historical narratives, this too has different versions. Author brings to you Anarkali’s cause of death, her real name & more on Mughal dynasty.