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US calls for UNSC meeting to discuss Hong Kong Issue

America has called for a virtual meeting of UNSC (United Nations Security Council) members to discuss Hong Kong’s predicament. According to Sino-British joint declaration of 1984, Hong Kong till recently enjoyed a special status, but now there’s a sword of Chinese security law hanging over it.


“Diplomatic missions must be amped-up to help India fight 5th generation war”–letter to Dr S Jaishankar by a veteran

A new epoch has arrived when extra dimensions have been added to war, defence forces being armed to teeth won’t suffice as conventional war is not the only war being fought. Fighting information war is Indian government’s latest predicament. Alacrity of Indian diplomatic missions abroad can facilitate Indian government in fighting 5th generation war of non-contact, says a veteran in his letter to Dr S Jaishankar, Minister of External affairs.