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700 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender– End Of War Near?

700 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender! This is probably the biggest news which has the potential to bring back the world back to normalcy.

Misuse Of State Police Machinery By The Political Parties And Appalling Indifference Shown By The Judiciary

Rampant misuse of state police machinery by the political parties and the respective Chief Ministers of the states, and the indifference shown by the judiciary in reigning the state police and their political masters. By – Abhi Athavale, Veteran Palghar monk lynching brought humanity to shame. It is in public domain how the police handed Read More

China’s Angry: Has US Changed its Taiwan Policy?

China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the United States for changing the wording on the State Department website about Taiwan, saying “political manipulation” will not succeed in changing the status quo over the island. The State Department website’s section on relations with Taiwan has removed wording on not supporting Taiwan independence and on acknowledging Beijing’s Read More

Brahmos for Brazilian Submarines & Airforce?

India’s hypersonic missile  BrahMos is getting attention from different parts of the world. According to a report, a delegation of senior officials led by Sanjay Jaju, Additional Secretary (Defence Production), Ministry of Defence (MoD) and representatives of several public and private sector companies from the defence sector will travel under the umbrella of FICCI to Brazil, later this month. It is likely that there will be a discussion on BrahMos too.

Why Did Wang Yi visit India?

Article by Commander Sandeep Dhawan “A man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk, and Xi is drunk on power” ~ Insightful Geopolitics Chinese foreign minister and State Councilor Wang Yi was to visit Nepal from 25-27 March 2022. He is also likely to visit Bhutan and Bangladesh after that. However, as per the latest information, Wang Read More

Significance of Intelligence in UN Peacekeeping Operations

Peacekeeping missions are one of the most significant aspects of the efforts made by the United Nations (UN) to help countries manage armed conflicts. Although the formal promulgation of UN policies has resulted in developing standard practices and methodologies for intelligence, shortcomings in their implementation and coordination still exist.

Story of Modi Bike!

By Dilshaad Noor In the last few years, the contribution of youth has increased not only in education but also towards innovation. With limited resources, youth are now bringing a new wind of change. One of those youngsters is Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram, a resident of Hajo in Kamrup district of Assam, did not receive Read More

Why PSLV C52 Launch is Significant?

Early morning ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) tweeted: “India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C52 injected Earth Observation Satellite EOS-04, into an intended sun synchronous polar orbit of 529 km altitude at 06:17 hours IST on February 14, 2022 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota.” This is ISRO’s first launch mission this year. PSLV-C52 is Read More

An Innocent Face—Story Of A Marco

Indian Navy’s marine commando Amit Singh Rana is a lead mechanical engineer who was posted to Kashmir to be part of Op Rakshak. He has been awarded Shaurya Chakra for his bravery during Operation Danna and Operation Shok Baba in Jammu and Kashmir. Marine Commandos & Op Rakshak Many might not know that Operation Rakshak Read More

Indian Army now Uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for Ammunition

In a first, Indian Army on Wednesday began Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging of its ammunition inventory with an aim to bring transparency in its management.The Army said the first consignment of RFID-tagged ammunition was dispatched from Ammunition Factory Khadki to Central Ammunition Depot (CAD) in Pulgaon.“The implementation of the RFID solution for ammunition asset visibility will transform the Read More

India Bans Foreign Drones

Indian Government has banned the import of drones with immediate effect. The Civil Aviation ministry said on Wednesday that the move is to promote domestically-made drones. India plans to emerge as a global drone hub by 2030. According to Ministry of Civil Aviation–” In order to promote Made in India drones, import of foreign drones Read More

A Veteran Opines– A Planned Security Failure Or A Preplanned Conspiracy To Assassinate PM MODI?

By Abhi Athavale, a Veteran from Indian Army On the 5th of January, When the first pictures of Modiji’s cavalcade stranded on a flyover just 20 Kms away from the Pakistan border were flashed on the National Television it a chill crawled up the spine. He was stranded on the flyover for a good 20 Read More

NASA’s Connection To Samskrit!!!

Article by Rapper Pandit Many people will tell you that NASA is researching on Samskrit, but they won’t tell you why?? Let me elucidate you 2 important reasons, why: Say an astronaut repairing satellite sends message from space. Due to large distances, there is a latency and shift in word positioning when decoded. Suppose he Read More

PLA Special Force Soldier Killed In A Mission At Sino-India Border?

By The Watcher According to Hong Kong media– burial of a Chinese Special Forces Seargant Wen Tao was held at Taojiang Martyrs Cemetery on 3rd Dec 2021. As per the Zaobao report : A Chinese soldier was suspected of being killed in the line of duty in the Sino-Indian border region in November last year. Read More