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China’s Angry: Has US Changed its Taiwan Policy?

China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the United States for changing the wording on the State Department website about Taiwan, saying “political manipulation” will not succeed in changing the status quo over the island. The State Department website’s section on relations with Taiwan has removed wording on not supporting Taiwan independence and on acknowledging Beijing’s Read More

Sweet & Sour Indo-US Relationship! The Dark & Bright Side

By Levina The behemoths, US & Russia, are at loggerheads again in Ukraine, and India is carefully treading the path of friendship with both it’s allies. Ostensibly, since 2016 India was designated “Major defence partner” of the United States, and later in 2018 India got the Strategic Trade Authorization Tier 1 status, which facilitated it Read More

01/06–The Day That Tested American Democracy

n 1949, wrote a novel Nineteen Eighty Four, where the ‘Thought Police’ was used to monitor citizens of a country who may or may not have posed a threat to the authorities. He mentioned the concept of ‘policing your thoughts’, whereby thoughts which did not suit the narrative of some powerful people were considered criminal acts.

Racial Tensions In America, Communal Tensions & Maoist Terrorism In India—Democracy To Destruction—The Communist Non-Contact Warfare

Recent reports allege that China was involved in unleashing racial tensions in America, but this is not the first time the communist regime has been found with it’s hands in the cookie jar. Be it Taiwan, Sri Lanka or India, communists have customised strategies of non-contact warfare for destabilising every democracy across the globe. The plan is executed surreptitiously in stages, through a third party which ensures the trail doesn’t lead to the spy agencies of China

India-China—Role Of Spies In The Offense-Defense Balance

Ever wondered why is there’s a paucity of information about Chinese spy agencies? China’s offence is dependent on “1000 grains of sand” spying strategy and aggression at the border. India must ensure atleast a 3:1 troop density along the LAC to deter China.

Indian submarine surveillance network ready to catch Chinese submarines, Japan and America are partners

India has been fortifying it’s land borders and littoral zones against Chinese intrusions.The much speculated US-Japan “fish-hook” SOSUS (sound surveillance sensors chain) has now touched Andaman-Nicobar Islands. Now India is ready to bait Chinese ships and submarines.

No World War-III for now despite America and Iran’s stand off

It all started in the month of November when Iran backed militia decided to quit using 107mm rockets, instead began using the lethal and longer range 122mm rockets to attack American bases located inside Iraq. Iran will continue to pump money into militant groups to continue waging an asymmetrical war against America and its allies.