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Brahmos for Brazilian Submarines & Airforce?

India’s hypersonic missile  BrahMos is getting attention from different parts of the world. According to a report, a delegation of senior officials led by Sanjay Jaju, Additional Secretary (Defence Production), Ministry of Defence (MoD) and representatives of several public and private sector companies from the defence sector will travel under the umbrella of FICCI to Brazil, later this month. It is likely that there will be a discussion on BrahMos too.

Story of Modi Bike!

By Dilshaad Noor In the last few years, the contribution of youth has increased not only in education but also towards innovation. With limited resources, youth are now bringing a new wind of change. One of those youngsters is Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram, a resident of Hajo in Kamrup district of Assam, did not receive Read More

Why PSLV C52 Launch is Significant?

Early morning ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) tweeted: “India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C52 injected Earth Observation Satellite EOS-04, into an intended sun synchronous polar orbit of 529 km altitude at 06:17 hours IST on February 14, 2022 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota.” This is ISRO’s first launch mission this year. PSLV-C52 is Read More

An Innocent Face—Story Of A Marco

Indian Navy’s marine commando Amit Singh Rana is a lead mechanical engineer who was posted to Kashmir to be part of Op Rakshak. He has been awarded Shaurya Chakra for his bravery during Operation Danna and Operation Shok Baba in Jammu and Kashmir. Marine Commandos & Op Rakshak Many might not know that Operation Rakshak Read More

India Bans Foreign Drones

Indian Government has banned the import of drones with immediate effect. The Civil Aviation ministry said on Wednesday that the move is to promote domestically-made drones. India plans to emerge as a global drone hub by 2030. According to Ministry of Civil Aviation–” In order to promote Made in India drones, import of foreign drones Read More

Sweet & Sour Indo-US Relationship! The Dark & Bright Side

By Levina The behemoths, US & Russia, are at loggerheads again in Ukraine, and India is carefully treading the path of friendship with both it’s allies. Ostensibly, since 2016 India was designated “Major defence partner” of the United States, and later in 2018 India got the Strategic Trade Authorization Tier 1 status, which facilitated it Read More

NASA’s Connection To Samskrit!!!

Article by Rapper Pandit Many people will tell you that NASA is researching on Samskrit, but they won’t tell you why?? Let me elucidate you 2 important reasons, why: Say an astronaut repairing satellite sends message from space. Due to large distances, there is a latency and shift in word positioning when decoded. Suppose he Read More

5000 years old Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala

Did you know this temple connects Banaras/ Kashi in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat and Guruvayoor in Kerala? Article by Levina Today is GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI— Vrishikam Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. Shukla Paksha means waxing moon and Ekadashi is numbering system in Sanskrit which means 11 days after new moon. Preparation for this Ekadashi starts a month before Read More

PLA Special Force Soldier Killed In A Mission At Sino-India Border?

By The Watcher According to Hong Kong media– burial of a Chinese Special Forces Seargant Wen Tao was held at Taojiang Martyrs Cemetery on 3rd Dec 2021. As per the Zaobao report : A Chinese soldier was suspected of being killed in the line of duty in the Sino-Indian border region in November last year. Read More

Swastika & 2000 Years of Decaying That Hinduism Faced Are Connected

Article in AUDIO format By Levina The “2000 yrs old” way of living is about to change, do you feel it? An old established system which didn’t align to human moral compass will collapse. But people remain skeptical and are often quick to point that—last 2000 yrs coincided with downfall of #Sanatana. We forget that Read More

Why is India, Greece & UAE’s trilateral dialogue significant?

Do watch our video on the same topic about the corridor which will change the fortune of many countries. Article by Levina Greek foreign minister has said that India, Greece & UAE will hold a trilateral dialogue. That will be a trio which no one imagined would come together. So what helps coalesce these nations? Read More

A constitutional solution to Bengal, Art 3– Modi & Shah’s other options

By Santosh Bhave India Politics changed forever after PV Narsimha Rao became PM. The broad policies he initiated began the collapse of the Nehruvian socialist era. The Rath Yatra of BJP in the early 90’s & 1992 Babri Masjid demolition set in motion a series of underlying current of Hindutva & Nationalism. Then came the Read More

Sugar Explosive– ISI & LeT Made 4 Attempts At Attacking India But Failed

Article by Levina Will you believe it if you were to told that terrorists used sugar in an explosive which they had planted in a passenger train? Indian investigation agency, NIA, deserves a pat on it’s back for solving this case in mere 6 days. Ostensibly, Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba had planned a series of Read More