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5000 years Old Hindu Architecture: Home Of A Wealthy Man

This is not a modern house, but a 5000 YEARS old house belonging to SindhuSaraswati civilization, from Mohanjo-daro). It’s an architecturally well planned rectangular 2 storey structure— named house 13.

War of Mercenaries– Russia, NATO & Ukraine war

By Levina On 10th of March, Britain’s Ministry of Defence released an intelligence update, which said—Russia is deploying Private Military companies (PMCs) in Ukraine.  Interestingly just a week before this announcement Russia’s Defence ministry spokesperson had made a similar statement which said– US military intelligence has launched a large-scale campaign to recruit contract soldiers from private Read More

Inghimasi Style Attack in Balochistan, Pak Army Stunned

By Levina Last evening, Baloch rebels attacked two military camps in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, one attack took place in Panjgur and the other in Noshki Frontier Corps camp. ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) had initially confirmed the death of only one soldier and four Baloch rebels, but it hid the fact that it was an Inghimasi style attack by Read More

Sweet & Sour Indo-US Relationship! The Dark & Bright Side

By Levina The behemoths, US & Russia, are at loggerheads again in Ukraine, and India is carefully treading the path of friendship with both it’s allies. Ostensibly, since 2016 India was designated “Major defence partner” of the United States, and later in 2018 India got the Strategic Trade Authorization Tier 1 status, which facilitated it Read More

5000 years old Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala

Did you know this temple connects Banaras/ Kashi in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat and Guruvayoor in Kerala? Article by Levina Today is GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI— Vrishikam Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. Shukla Paksha means waxing moon and Ekadashi is numbering system in Sanskrit which means 11 days after new moon. Preparation for this Ekadashi starts a month before Read More

Tribute to Gen Rawat, by a veteran

By Abhi Athavale (Veteran) When alive they protected the nation. In death, they united us. On a black Wednesday, a piece of terrifying news shattered everyone. Sleep well Sir… My heart sank the moment I heard the breaking news on TV that a MI – 17 V 5 was involved in a crash in the hills Read More

Purvanchal Expressway!

By Col Abhi Athavale (veteran) On the 16th November 2021 PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the first-ever E – way having state of the are 2 airstrip Runways for the IAF.  Purvanchal Expressway is 341 Km long. It starts from village Chaudsarai, district Lucknow located on Lucknow-Sultanpur road  and terminates at village Hydaria located on National Highway No. Read More

Swastika & 2000 Years of Decaying That Hinduism Faced Are Connected

Article in AUDIO format By Levina The “2000 yrs old” way of living is about to change, do you feel it? An old established system which didn’t align to human moral compass will collapse. But people remain skeptical and are often quick to point that—last 2000 yrs coincided with downfall of #Sanatana. We forget that Read More

4 Reasons Why Ramappa Temple Is An Engineering Marvel

Article by Levina The 800 years old Ramappa temple has finally found mention among UNESCO inscriptions. This was declared by UNESCO yesterday, after which an elated Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi had requested Indian citizens to visit the temple. But why is this temple so special? Let us give you 4 reasons: Floating rocks: It’s Read More

Why is India, Greece & UAE’s trilateral dialogue significant?

Do watch our video on the same topic about the corridor which will change the fortune of many countries. Article by Levina Greek foreign minister has said that India, Greece & UAE will hold a trilateral dialogue. That will be a trio which no one imagined would come together. So what helps coalesce these nations? Read More

Sugar Explosive– ISI & LeT Made 4 Attempts At Attacking India But Failed

Article by Levina Will you believe it if you were to told that terrorists used sugar in an explosive which they had planted in a passenger train? Indian investigation agency, NIA, deserves a pat on it’s back for solving this case in mere 6 days. Ostensibly, Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba had planned a series of Read More

A Suspicious Call Received In Siliguri Led To Arrest Of 2 In Bengaluru For Assisting ISI—Joint Op By Military Intelligence & B’luru Police (ATC)

By Levina In an operation that comes close to a thriller chase movies, Military intelligence and Bengaluru Police (ATC) cracked their whip on a network of men who were running an exchange where international calls could be converted to local calls. This case helps the agencies recapitulate that ISI, the Pakistan’s spy agency is now Read More

To Mr UNGA President– A Short Lesson On Kashmir’s History by a Kashmiri

   Ignorance seems to have no limits. Normally one would think that the President of UNGA would be well versed with the long-standing issues between the member countries of UNGA, but his statement on Kashmir at a press conference on 29-05-2021 in Islamabad either betrays his total ignorance of this historical yet bogus dispute between Read More

A quick look at Iron Dome and how does Hamas’s arsenal look like?

Article by Levina In last 48 hours about 1050 rockets were fired at Israel, and the videos which emerged, got everyone wondering how does Iron dome work? So, how about some quick non-technical deets on it? What is Iron dome? It’s an air defence system which was designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets. It was Read More