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Headlines of the Day! 2022

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Sugar Explosive– ISI & LeT Made 4 Attempts At Attacking India But Failed

Article by Levina Will you believe it if you were to told that terrorists used sugar in an explosive which they had planted in a passenger train? Indian investigation agency, NIA, deserves a pat on it’s back for solving this case in mere 6 days. Ostensibly, Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba had planned a series of Read More

A Suspicious Call Received In Siliguri Led To Arrest Of 2 In Bengaluru For Assisting ISI—Joint Op By Military Intelligence & B’luru Police (ATC)

By Levina In an operation that comes close to a thriller chase movies, Military intelligence and Bengaluru Police (ATC) cracked their whip on a network of men who were running an exchange where international calls could be converted to local calls. This case helps the agencies recapitulate that ISI, the Pakistan’s spy agency is now Read More

To Mr UNGA President– A Short Lesson On Kashmir’s History by a Kashmiri

   Ignorance seems to have no limits. Normally one would think that the President of UNGA would be well versed with the long-standing issues between the member countries of UNGA, but his statement on Kashmir at a press conference on 29-05-2021 in Islamabad either betrays his total ignorance of this historical yet bogus dispute between Read More

Soldier from Signals honey trapped, Military intelligence & UP ATS crack another case

UP ATS( Anti Terror squad) arrested a retired soldier, Signalman Saurabh Sharma, who was honey trapped by Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI. It is to be noted that the soldier belonged to Indian Army Corps of Signals which handles military communications.

ISI Looses Trust Over Other Intel Agencies, Imran Khan Approves National Intel Coordination Committee As A Damage Control

As per Pakistan’s media Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the setting up of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee(NICC). But the real reason many sources say is Pakistan Army’s fear of rise of rogue elements within intel agencies.

India-China—Role Of Spies In The Offense-Defense Balance

Ever wondered why is there’s a paucity of information about Chinese spy agencies? China’s offence is dependent on “1000 grains of sand” spying strategy and aggression at the border. India must ensure atleast a 3:1 troop density along the LAC to deter China.

Profiling Syed Ali Shah Geelani– Bub Jihad, Father Of Jihad and Jihadis like Burhan Wani in Kashmir

Bub Jihad, SAS Geelani’s biggest motivation in pushing terrorists like Burhan Wani into simmering fire of terrosim was money. But here’s what you should know about his resignation from Hurriyat.

Protests were to unfold in 4 stages, Shaheen bagh protests are an ideal example of Non-Contact warfare

A nefarious design which involves diligent planning, resource accumulation, a king’s ransom and military precision in execution—yes, India is being pushed into a non-contact war by the enemy.

“Diplomatic missions must be amped-up to help India fight 5th generation war”–letter to Dr S Jaishankar by a veteran

A new epoch has arrived when extra dimensions have been added to war, defence forces being armed to teeth won’t suffice as conventional war is not the only war being fought. Fighting information war is Indian government’s latest predicament. Alacrity of Indian diplomatic missions abroad can facilitate Indian government in fighting 5th generation war of non-contact, says a veteran in his letter to Dr S Jaishankar, Minister of External affairs.

Happy PhD’s killing exposes a drift between Jaish and Khalistani groups, and ISI’s sinister plan to ethnically cleanse Punjab

ISI, was assisting Harmeet Singh, one of the most wanted terrorist in India, to revive Khalistan movement, and to carry out Hindu ethnic cleansing in Punjab. But ISI deserted him when he got involved with a married Muslim
woman, who was the relative of Harmeet’s business associate, a drug lord based in Pakistan.