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5000 years Old Hindu Architecture: Home Of A Wealthy Man

This is not a modern house, but a 5000 YEARS old house belonging to SindhuSaraswati civilization, from Mohanjo-daro). It’s an architecturally well planned rectangular 2 storey structure— named house 13.

5000 years old Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala

Did you know this temple connects Banaras/ Kashi in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat and Guruvayoor in Kerala? Article by Levina Today is GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI— Vrishikam Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. Shukla Paksha means waxing moon and Ekadashi is numbering system in Sanskrit which means 11 days after new moon. Preparation for this Ekadashi starts a month before Read More

Ancient Spice Route, City Of Muziris, Temple Of Egyptian/Hindu Goddess And Shiva Temple Of Kerala

Lost city of Muziris found in Kerala! Did you know the similarities between Egyptian goddess of Isis and Goddess Kannaki (form of Kali) of ancient Kodungallur temple? Did you know about the ancient Shiva temple visited by devotees from across the world to manifest kids? There’s so much we do not know about India’s ancient history.