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700 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender– End Of War Near?

700 Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender! This is probably the biggest news which has the potential to bring back the world back to normalcy.

War of Mercenaries– Russia, NATO & Ukraine war

By Levina On 10th of March, Britain’s Ministry of Defence released an intelligence update, which said—Russia is deploying Private Military companies (PMCs) in Ukraine.  Interestingly just a week before this announcement Russia’s Defence ministry spokesperson had made a similar statement which said– US military intelligence has launched a large-scale campaign to recruit contract soldiers from private Read More

Ukraine-Russia Updates

By Levina Update as on 4th April 2021: According to the latest reports President Putin said– Military build up is defensive and pose NO threat. But here’s the catch: ~Russian convoy was seen carrying BRIDGE sections, possibly planning to cross a water body. Closest water body is 50-70 Km away from the border. ~USAF RQ-4 Read More