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China’s Angry: Has US Changed its Taiwan Policy?

China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday slammed the United States for changing the wording on the State Department website about Taiwan, saying “political manipulation” will not succeed in changing the status quo over the island. The State Department website’s section on relations with Taiwan has removed wording on not supporting Taiwan independence and on acknowledging Beijing’s Read More

China’s “assassin’s mace” weapon: A myth or reality?

By Manoj Rawat ,Former Naval Captain, Senior Analyst wikistrat The Chinese military have for years boasted of a magic weapon capable of destroying the aircraft carriers from a long range. This magic weapon comes under the category of weapons dubbed the shashoujian, or “assassin’s mace” by the PLA. The “assassin’s mace” term is used to Read More

No World War-III for now despite America and Iran’s stand off

It all started in the month of November when Iran backed militia decided to quit using 107mm rockets, instead began using the lethal and longer range 122mm rockets to attack American bases located inside Iraq. Iran will continue to pump money into militant groups to continue waging an asymmetrical war against America and its allies.