United Nations report on Kashmir is a joke

On Thursday, U.N. released a report on human rights violations in both Indian-administered and Pakistan-administered Kashmir; this is the first time such a report has been released where UN has hyphenated India and Pakistan together on Kashmir issue.

Indian MEA (Ministry of external affairs )office was quick to reject UN report .“ We question the intent in bringing out such a report,” the MEA said. It added that the report is a selective compilation of largely unverified information. “The report violates India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the Indian state through aggression,” the MEA said.

 UN, in recent past, has been unsuccessfully poking its nose where its help is least needed, whilst its officials on many occasions have confessed that UN reports are edited according to the whims of its permanent members. From UN’s permanent member China ignoring the international court’s ruling in South China sea to UN suppressing the fact that the deadly cholera outbreak of 2010, in Haiti, was caused by UN personnel’s negligence, for almost six years, are all examples of how UN has been losing its relevance and the right to point its finger on others.

The contradictions in the report

  1. The report released yesterday, begins with the mention of Burhan Wani and his killing; UN accuses India of using “excessive” force to curb the protests which erupted after his death. A few paragraphs later the report also accepts the fact that India has been successful in bringing down the number of militant groups now active in the valley.1A little prodding into the matter gives a clear idea as to why India had to use force to douse the fire that had erupted in south Kashmir after Burhan’s death. The protesters, who might have been  few in numbers, were yet successful in causing excessive damage to civilian properties.2 House burnt down in Bemdoora by protesters 
  2. MEA has rightly accused UN human rights council report of cherry picking data and misconstruing facts. For example the report claims that the militants have killed just 16-20 civilians during a certain period in 2016, while it ignores the fact that last year, within a short span of 10 days in the month of November, JeM had killed at-least 6 civilians. UN, ostensibly, is insistent on Indian forces not taking any action against the terrorists in the valley, and has blinded itself to the carnages carried out by them.2
  3. The UN report has also pointed that there have been communication blockades in the valley, and criticized Indian government’s tough stance against journalists in Kashmir. But it absolutely ignores the fact that during counter insurgency operation, to prevent trapped terrorists from contacting their supporters, its imperative to block their means of communication. Very recently, NIA had rounded up close to 28 whatsapp groups which were used by terrorists to mobilise stone pelters.And as far as journalism in the valley is concerned the lesser spoken, the better; they have often been accused of adding fuel to fire. For example an altercation between an Indian army officer, Major Gogoi, and hotel staff was reported as the following, despite the fact that the woman (not a minor) in question had come to the hotel with two other men and was seen with the officer outside the hotel.4




The man leading Human rights council at United Nations


The man in the video is Prince Zeid Raad Zeid al-Hussein of Jordan, High Commissioner for Human Rights, elected in 2014.  It was during his tenure as Jordan’s ambassador to the U.N. that Jordan along with members of OIC (organization of Islamic corporation) successfully tabled resolutions on “combating defamation of religion” as part of their campaign to implement a global blasphemy ban under human rights law. Jordan’s voting in favor was consistent with its domestic Blasphemous records. This clearly indicates that Zeid lacks the courage to speak against atrocities.

He is also known for criticizing democratically elected representatives around the world, from Trump to Duerte. Infact, once Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations had said Zeid as the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, should refrain from criticizing foreign heads of state and government.

Zeid is a loose cannon and his past makes him incumbent for the chair that he holds at UN; under such circumstances and leadership in the UN, India’s questioning of UN’s report is legit.

Wonder what’s his take on Jordan asking Palestinians to leave the country peacefully?

Among its many other un-pragmatic suggestions, UN requests India to revoke AFSPA, but in the 49 page long report it has given no solution to the Kashmir problem. Also it forgets to mention that only 5  out of 22 districts are disturbed in Kashmir, and that rest are peaceful. It has also not lauded our government for implementing unilateral ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan.

United nations intentions at targeting India are nothing short of being rebarbative.  The only face saver is, UN accepting that Pakistan Army leaves no stone unturned in causing disturbances within India. Pakistan has yet to comment on the report.


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