China was using 170,000 accounts for manipulative activities: Twitter report

In a very damaging report to China’s reputation Twitter has said, it’s social media platform was being used by China for manipulative activities. Russia and Turkey too find a mention in the report. While China topped the list with 173,750 accounts, Turkey followed with 7340 accounts, and Russia had least number of accounts out the three with 1152 accounts.

The report was published on blog.twitter, which said Twitter in an effort to maintain the platform’s integrity has suspended 32,242 accounts which purveying “state linked information’s operations”.

Out of the 173750 accounts which belonged to Peaople’s republic of China, 23750 formed the highly engaged core network. The rest 150,000 accounts were amplifier accounts, with no follower counts and were strategically designed to artificially inflate impression metrics and to engage with the core accounts, which otherwise had no engagement of its own.

Accounts from Turkey were found to float and support political agenda of the premier Erdogan and AK Parti. These were more recent in nature. But Twitter mentions that this network was using fake and compromised accounts.  What was shocking was—the state actors maintained compromised accounts which came under repeated hacking, and these accounts were also used for crypto-currency related scam.

The accounts from Russia were being used for political propaganda and for countering political dissidents.

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