Do we need Monkeys in the Rajya Sabha?

By Abhi Athavale, Veteran of Indian Army

Has the time come for the Law enforcement agency ( Police) to be present in the Parliament?

 Opposition can consider this as their ‘victory’, but it was a big ‘defeat’ for our hoary democratic traditions. The Opposition committed sacrilege inside the temple of democracy.

Do you want the likes of rowdies like Rahul Gandhi or Mamta Banarjee as our PM?

 Likes of them don’t see anything other than power. They will create a ruckus, Hungama tear papers of a minister who is answering the questions, dance on the Benches, throw book at the chair of the house.

These are the people chosen by us to serve the people of India.

Shame on us we elected these utterly disgusting creatures.

Common man is arrested for obstruction of the investigation, or is tried for manhandling a public servant under IPC 353. A law should be made for the so-called protectors of democracy. And they should be brought at par with the common man and must be made to face the same IPC applicable to the common citizens.

Few days ago, a woman martial was manhandled in the Rajya Sabha. An FIR under IPC 353 should be filed against the MP’s who did this.

During the last two days what hooliganism was demonstrated in the parliament ” The temple of democracy” can be described as an assault on the democracy, outrageous, disgusting and very shameful.

What is the difference between these unruly MP’s who are responsible for running the nation and roadside goons?

These people are an insult to the nation and are now a national shame.

Let us now get ourselves educated on the benefits these goons enjoy.

Salary and perks…

Not only these vagabonds are eligible for the perks but their spouse is also eligible for allowances. Shocking isn’t it?

Read the link .

Congress brazens it out Partap Singh Bajwa justifies throwing the rulebook at RS Chair, vows to create ruckus again.

The opposition has no regrets and justifies this unruly behaviour.

Pratap Singh Bajwa of the Indian National Congress should be imprisoned under the IPC and thrown out as MP,  and awarded rigorous imprisonment.

One last and final word before concluding–we have been awarded the fundamental right to elect a representative from the municipality to Lok Sabha. But now after watching the hooligans on RS and LS TV constitution should be amended and the right to call back the elected member should be awarded to the citizens of India.

And also it is high time to start asking questions:

 ~Do we need to have an upper house?

These RS MP’s are not elected by the citizens of India, who not only waste the time but also taxpayers hard earned money.

By – Abhi Athavale Veteran. 

Congress MP throws rule book at Rajya Sabha Chair | Pratap Singh Bajwa | Rajya sabha | ETV Bharat

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