3 Russians Died In India- Reminiscent Of 2 Russian deaths in 2021 In India

Russians dying in India? Only anti-Putin people dying?

In last few weeks, many Russians have died in India. Today a Russian national who was working as chief engineer in a ship at Paradip port has also died, post mortem is being conducted. The deceased was identified as Mil Yakub Sarjai. His ship had come to Paradip port to load iron ore and was scheduled to travel to Mumbai port.

The previous cases included:

  1. Vladimir Bidanov died in a hotel in Odisha
  2. Pavel Antov fell to death from a hotel
  3. A Russian beggar who held an anti- Putin placard went missing from Railway station in Odisha. However, few days later he was found alive.

After the beggar went missing the popular rumour was that the deaths were associated with people who were anti- Putin, but that is clearly a misleading conclusion. One of the plausible answer is alcohol or over consumption of substances.

2 years ago a Sukhoi maintenance engineer in Agra and a submarine engineer in Vizag, both of them Russian nationals were found dead in India. They had died within a month of each other. In 2020, 14 people including an ISI spy and Indian Navy personnel were arrested from Vizag. Both Agra and Vizag are places with significant military and naval assets.

Neither Indian nor Russian authorities have said anything about the above deaths. Is it possible that inimical elements want to sabotage India – Russia relationship?

By Levina

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