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5000 years Old Hindu Architecture: Home Of A Wealthy Man

This is not a modern house, but a 5000 YEARS old house belonging to SindhuSaraswati civilization, from Mohanjo-daro). It’s an architecturally well planned rectangular 2 storey structure— named house 13.

5000 years old Guruvayoor Temple of Kerala

Did you know this temple connects Banaras/ Kashi in UP, Dwarka in Gujarat and Guruvayoor in Kerala? Article by Levina Today is GURUVAYOOR EKADASHI— Vrishikam Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. Shukla Paksha means waxing moon and Ekadashi is numbering system in Sanskrit which means 11 days after new moon. Preparation for this Ekadashi starts a month before Read More

Swastika & 2000 Years of Decaying That Hinduism Faced Are Connected

Article in AUDIO format By Levina The “2000 yrs old” way of living is about to change, do you feel it? An old established system which didn’t align to human moral compass will collapse. But people remain skeptical and are often quick to point that—last 2000 yrs coincided with downfall of #Sanatana. We forget that Read More

4 Reasons Why Ramappa Temple Is An Engineering Marvel

Article by Levina The 800 years old Ramappa temple has finally found mention among UNESCO inscriptions. This was declared by UNESCO yesterday, after which an elated Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi had requested Indian citizens to visit the temple. But why is this temple so special? Let us give you 4 reasons: Floating rocks: It’s Read More

Nuclear fusion mentioned in Śrīmad Bhāgavatam? A British scientist ruminates

Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei are combined to form one or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic particles. But was it mentioned in the ancient Hindu text— Śrīmad Bhāgavatam?

Science behind the month of Ramayana & visit to temples of Lord Ram and his brothers

This is a month when reading Ramyana, visiting Lord Shri Ram’s temple and following certain immunity boosting habits are customary. From construction of Ram Setu to mystery behind Dakshinayana is solved here.

Nose-job, the ancient Indian way

Getting rid of disfigurement through a plastic surgery is not new, Indians seem to have known since atleast 650 BCE. The ancient gladiators of Europe were thankful to the Indians and so were the Kings, for a grafted piece of skin could turn itself into a nose and return the lost honour.

Ancient Spice Route, City Of Muziris, Temple Of Egyptian/Hindu Goddess And Shiva Temple Of Kerala

Lost city of Muziris found in Kerala! Did you know the similarities between Egyptian goddess of Isis and Goddess Kannaki (form of Kali) of ancient Kodungallur temple? Did you know about the ancient Shiva temple visited by devotees from across the world to manifest kids? There’s so much we do not know about India’s ancient history.

What awaits us after Corona? What is the new epoch of humanity about?

The virus will bring about economic restructure, humanitarianism, disciplined life, end of greed for material possession and toxic masculinity, so that the human kind can undergo a metamorphosis that will last several generations.

South India’s ancient connection to Balochistan, the Brahui language

Brahui, a language spoken by 2 million Pakistanis, finds it’s origin in southern-India, about 2000 Km away from Baluchistan. This language has piqued the curiosity of many across the world, but within the subcontinent the subject hasn’t created enough pandemonium.