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C for China, C for Chaos Doctrine– India’s Brahmastra Against it’s Foe

The Chaos Doctrine would be haphazard in nature for any outsider but will have a pattern known only to the executioner.

Is China planning cyber 9/11 in the sea? Maritime transport most vulnerable to cyber attacks

According to a report published by 41% of the cyber-attacks across the world in 2017, originated from China, 3 years later the number has only surged higher. Eleven years after operation Aurora, China prepares for a more aggressive attack at the cyber realm of a completely unexpected territory–the littoral zones. The maritime trade is the most vulnerable to cyber espionage which has the capability to sink a ship. But are we prepared to counter it?

Racial Tensions In America, Communal Tensions & Maoist Terrorism In India—Democracy To Destruction—The Communist Non-Contact Warfare

Recent reports allege that China was involved in unleashing racial tensions in America, but this is not the first time the communist regime has been found with it’s hands in the cookie jar. Be it Taiwan, Sri Lanka or India, communists have customised strategies of non-contact warfare for destabilising every democracy across the globe. The plan is executed surreptitiously in stages, through a third party which ensures the trail doesn’t lead to the spy agencies of China