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Pakistan Announces Elections In Gilgit-Baltistan As Baba Jan And Other Political Leaders Remain Behind The Bars, India asks Pakistan to vacate the region

No human rights, no political rights and no free judges. There’s no reason why we should remain a part of this country (Pakistan)– says Baba Jan, a sane voice from Gilgit Baltistan. India has repeatedly warned Pakistan against holding election in this disputed region. But to no avail.


Taiwanese military Chief killed a week after Taiwanese govt declined China’s offer and a week before elections

In an incident that has created pandemonium across the world, a black hawk helicopter carrying Taiwanese chief of General staff, Gen. Shen Yi-ming, smashed into a mountain near Taipei. The incident took place mere 10 minutes after the helicopter, UH-60M Black Hawk, took off from the air base at Taipei, carrying 13 senior officers from the Taiwanese defence forces, fell from the radar screen near Wulai area with dense forestation.