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Headlines of the Day! 2022

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Other side of story–How does Indian Kashmiri perceive Pakistan’s win over India in T20 ICC match?

By Mir Junaid A country founded basically on anti Hindu thesis – the ideological framework developed by Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and few London based Islamic scholars, notwithstanding – has evolved in to a state where only irrationality rules and finds her cognizance in fueling hatred and nurturing poisonous minds against India; the Read More

To Mr UNGA President– A Short Lesson On Kashmir’s History by a Kashmiri

   Ignorance seems to have no limits. Normally one would think that the President of UNGA would be well versed with the long-standing issues between the member countries of UNGA, but his statement on Kashmir at a press conference on 29-05-2021 in Islamabad either betrays his total ignorance of this historical yet bogus dispute between Read More

Thousand cuts on Kashmiriyat!

(Traumatizing Kashmiri Society) By Mir Junaid  Thirty years constitute a significant time span in one’s life; and if those formative years are a witness to systemic violence resulting in total demographic alterations and loss of innumerable lives in a region,  then one’s experiences are often too traumatizing to be described in words. If one were to Read More

Qabool Hai!– story of brides from across the border

Original story by Col Sushil Tanwar, serving in Indian Army (Translated by The watcher) Please scroll down to read the story in Hindi I AGREE Sir,  the way ahead is closed.  A crowd of people have gathered. There is some sloganeering going on. I think we should stop here for a while. Major Ashish Gehlot Read More

Kashmir no longer an Apartheid Warzone- thanks to Indian Government

Terrorism is at an all time low in the valley and things are beginning to come back to normalcy. This move corrected a historic wrong and relegated the Kashmiri leadership of the past into the dustbins of history forever, where they belong.

Tibetan President in Exile to be on India’s national channel—a tit for tat in Kashmir

India now recognizes that China has long been playing with it’s words and almost always has reneged from it’s promises. This is why invitation to Tibetan President-in exile, Lobsang Sangay, to India’s national TV, RajyaSabha TV, is being seen as a big move from the Indian side.

US calls for UNSC meeting to discuss Hong Kong Issue

America has called for a virtual meeting of UNSC (United Nations Security Council) members to discuss Hong Kong’s predicament. According to Sino-British joint declaration of 1984, Hong Kong till recently enjoyed a special status, but now there’s a sword of Chinese security law hanging over it.

End of separatist ideology in Kashmir–J&K court asks MA Qayoom to shun separatist ideology

In a major development, High court of Jammu & Kashmir has asked separatists to shun their ideology or stay incarcerated. According to Ahmed Ali Fayyaz of Daily excelsior, MA Qayoom who had approached the court to end his detention, has been given the aforementioned decision by Justice AM Magrey & Justice VC Koul.

UNSC snubs Pakistan and China’s request to discuss Kashmir 3rd time in a row

China and Pakistan had requested the present presidency holder, Vietnam, to allow discussion on Kashmir issue. But most of the members of the UN security council, who had gathered at UN for an informal meeting, declined the request as they called it a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

Rise of stone-pelters in Kashmir

Hizbul Mujahideen is facing a fratricidal war in its terror ranks. It has very recently sacked its top commander Zeenat-Ul-Islam(A++ category terrorist) for “running away” from Kachdoora encounter. Recently a Pakistani terrorist was arrested, who was later identified as Zabiullah s/o Sonaullah r/o Multan. While the Cordon & search operation was on to find him,his  Read More