India 11,000 years back!!!

People throughout the world retain the memory of earlier great spiritual civilizations that existed long before our current reckoning of history. They also talk of the Iceage meltdown which gobbled up beautiful coasts, and everything that existed before iceage vanished beneath the sea. This flood finds a mention in all the ancient scriptures; some call it biblical flood. We were taught that biblical floods ‘re nothing but myths. What if we had advanced civilisations before the flood destroyed them?
It is wrong to assume the first civilisation mushroomed in India during the Harappan period 7000-5000yrs ago, since enough evidences have now been found beneath the sea, which prove that there were advanced civilisations living along the coastlines of India atleast 12,000yrs ago.


Pre-Harappan Civilisation on western coast of India:

This gif shows the western coast of India(Gujarat/maharashtra) 18,000 yrs back.

gujrat sunken.gif

In 2001, National Institute of ocean technology (NIOT), India, made some startling discoveries beneath the sea in the Gulf of Cambay (near Gujarat). The sonar readings had shown structures which were perfectly rectangular in shape with steps, some as long as 98 meters. These were the remnants of 2 twin metropolis cities, which were 8 to 9kms in length. The cities were found exactly at the places which were flooded by water between 7000-8000 yrs back, which coincided with the end of ice age– the period when the last of the three pulses of melt-water was released.

This is a computer generated model of the citadel of the city.

sunken city.gif

The artifacts (carbon dated 7500 BC) which were collected from the sea bed are well polished with tiny apertures which shows the skills of the craftsmen who lived in these metropolises.


The sunken ruins of Tamil Nadu
Sangam litrature hints that 12,000 year ago a civilisation was lost to the sea. Interestingly, its the same time line given by Plato for the submergence of Atlantis (11,000 yrs). Iceage science confirms that Indian sub continent was not how it appears now; it had abundance of land all around it which was later lost to the sea.

This is how tip of Indian sub continent looked 16,400 years back.


Graham Hancock, who undertook a dive 2km off the coast of Tamil Nadu, found one of the many stone structures (assumed to be 10,000 yrs old structure), at the southern tip of the sub-continent. This particular structure was U-shaped, with coarse masonry and partially exposed construction blocks.

This is a computer generated picture of the structure found on sea bed. It is assumed that the enclosure was built for ritual purposes.

sunken tamil civilisation 1.gif

How long might this society have existed before it was flooded? How long would it have taken for the civilisations, 9500 yrs ago, to build cities of this scale??
After the discovery of these cities and structures, nobody can deny that there were highly advanced cities along the coastal margins of India. If only we stopped writing-off the biblical flood as primitive myth, then the archaeologists can point us to new discoveries–discoveries that would re-write history.

Flooded kingdom of iceage, Origin of civilisations-Graham Hancock.


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