Terror Apologists and Urban Naxals; Are they two sides of the same coin?

  • 6 April 2010, Dantewada, Chattisgarh: 76 CRPF soldiers were ambushed by Naxal-Maoist insurgents.
  • 14th Feb 2019, Pulwama, Kashmir: 50 CRPF soldiers killed after a convoy was attacked by a Jaish Suicide bomber.

Ripples of sadness were felt across the country after the Pulwama attack. Albeit, as the nation was mourning deaths of its brave, few within the country were demanding clemency for the terrorists.

Markus Tullius Cicero,58 B.C, had said “ an enemy at the gates is less formidable. But the traitor who lives among-st us, who rots the soul of the nation, who works secretly to undermine the pillars of the city, who infects the body of politic so that it can no longer resist, is the one to be feared”.

A new threat looms over this country and the people responsible for it aren’t gun wielding terrorists but the individuals masquerading as intellectuals, professors, activists, actors, social media influencer and what not! These people implicitly and sometimes explicitly call to wage war against the state. Their doctrine and modus operandi isn’t very different from the mainstream terrorist organizations, the only difference is that they hide behind the garb of freedom of expression and operate from their palatial offices and homes.

Naxals waging war against our defense forces and the urban naxals are inextricably linked. This is a symbiotic relationship wherein urban naxals generate funds and gather sympathies for the naxals and in return they earn pecuniary benefits. The functioning of Naxal machinery is akin to the one run by ISI in PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir). In the universities, these urban naxals masquerading as professors feed their propaganda to the credulous students and present them with spurious facts to validate their conjectures. Once hoodwinked, these students are moved away from the realities and are indoctrinated in a very systematic way.

It is no surprise then that immediately after the Pulwama attacks Gurmehar Kaur, an Indian student, and an Indian journalist, Suhasini Haider, were seen sharing podium with a Pakistani media person Hamid Mir, who has a not-so-decorous past. Another headline that had grabbed many eyeballs was — Shehla Rashid getting booked for spreading disinformation on social media and for spreading enmity, post Pulwama attack.

At superficial level such student agitations appear very innocuous. But it reveals a more sinister side once the misguided student joins ultra-left in their psuedo-revolution against our armed forces. Fake stories of the tribal oppressed by the state, documentaries and fake pictures of tribals being killed by security forces, fake stories of women getting striped of their honour etcetera, are used to extract sympathy and to cloud the sense of discernment among students. The unbridled anger of these students turned cadets, is then unleashed on those safeguarding the sovereignty of India.

One fine example is Arnab aka Comrade Bikram, who had quit his studies in IIT Kharagpur to join the pseudo-revolution led by anti-nationals. By the time he was arrested in 2012, he had already killed two people– one was an Intelligence officer, and the other was his childhood friend who did not support the ultra-left doctrine.

With false evidences gullible students‘re  bamboozled into believing that Indian government is illegally appropriating the land of tribal, and is giving a rough-shod treatment to the tribals. These are the few platitudes that are propagated to dupe students into believing that communists/naxals are fighting for the cause of tribals.

With ISI now backing Naxals in India’s hinterland, it is no surprise that the ugly ISI-Naxal dalliance has now managed to take myriads of rebellious students under its wings. As early as 2008, it was reported that pro-Naxal students in Jammu University were being recruited by separatist leaders as over-ground workers (OGW). The capital city of India, is one of the most infested with anti-national entities. Albeit, it has created no pandemonium across the intellectual circles. Varsities within Delhi have regular seminars and meetings organized by pro-naxal professors, which also function as venues to recruit prospective comrades. Rummaging through the list of professors who are oft spotted at such venues, are some prominent names like JNU professors Nivedita Menon and Nandini Sundar.

As a professor they should ideally be imparting sagacity to their students, but both have been guilty of carrying out anti-national activities beyond the varsities. Whilst the former openly supports the secessionist ideology, and is convinced that India “occupies” Kashmir , the latter was allegedly charged with murder of a tribal for protesting against Maoists, and later cleared-off the charges. These are just few names out of the many, who assiduously function to carry out their pernicious pro-naxal activities inside the campuses. Another example is Gowhar Fazili, a budding secessionist, JNU professor, who cajoled his students to protest against Indian forces after 39 Maoists were killed at Gadchiroli last year.

These are the Jaichands of modern day Indiawho are present amongst us and are slowly corroding the sanctity of this country from inside. With cloaked daggers, they ‘re here to fuel the incendiary intellect of students. These urban naxals have a very clear cut policy and their main aim is to garner sympathies for the naxals operating in the jungles by justifying their acts of violence.

Before the situation spirals out of control, its time our government and communities found ways to prevent our youth from being misguided, and helped them in realigning center of their moral-compass. Volunteering in hospitals, police stations, fire and ambulance stations, and similar primary response agencies should be pitched among the youth, for their active involvement in the community, and to prevent them from being idle. Till very recently, the oft adopted policy by Indian governments required our forces and other agencies to handle urban naxals in the universities with kid gloves. But urban naxals and their nefarious designs to manipulate people of this country needs to be exposed, and our agencies should be given the teeth to deal with them. Another solution would be to epitomize the real-heroes of the country. Due to the paucity of information on our brave soldiers, often the Indian youth turns to Bollywood or walks into the traps laid by the urban naxals. It is thus, that Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani end up getting more traction among the students than martyrs like Lt Ummer Fayaz and Soldier Aurangzeb.

Lets not forget that–“A house divided on itself cannot stand”. 

Pictures below show the temerity with which urban naxals function in Indian universities>>>

Gowhar Fazili, JNU professor, invited his students to protest against the Indian defense forces after the killing of 39 Maoists last year

Gowhar Fazili, JNU professor, Propagating secessionist ideology

An invitation to join a protest to release GN Saibaba, who has been imprisoned for life, for plotting to kill PM Modi.

An invitation to a seminar by Gautam Navlakha, who is now under house arrest for his Maoist link, and for hatching the plot to kill Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

This article is written by Levina and RedDevil

This was also published on SatyaVijayi.

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