Video evidence of Pakistani F-16 crashing down after being shot by Mig-21 flown by Wing commander C Abhinandan VrC

Mystery surrounding the dogfight between Indian Mig-21 and Pakistani F-16 has finally been solved after a video which shows the Pakistani F-16 plummeting down has surfaced.

Almost a year ago on 27th Feb, a day after Indian Airforce had destroyed a terrorist camp inside Pakistan in the town of Balokot, Pakistani fighter jets tried to intrude into Indian air space. Indian pilot, Wing commander Abhinandan, who was flying a Mig-21 as a part of the sortie, intercepted the intrusion. The dogfight which ensued ended up with the Pakistani fighter jet F-16 being shot down by the Indian Mig-21, while getting hit by another F-16 in return. The Indian pilot ejected and landed in Pakistan, but the pilot from Pakistan who was flying F-16 went missing. Pakistani Government and defence spokesperson have denied the casualty for almost a year.

The video which has now surfaced, clearly proves that there were two fighter jets which crashed on Feb 27th, one was a Mig 21 while the other was a F-16. In the background Pakistani citizens can be heard confirming that two fighter jets crashed, albeit the second one is spotted 20 seconds after the first fighter jet plummeted down. This is the first time in history that a third generation Mig-21 has shot down a fourth generation F-16. This video not just proves that Pakistani defence forces were hiding the casualty of Pakistani pilot but also that fighter jets of American origin are not invincible in the sky; Mig-21 is of Russian origin.

This is dogfight will be remembered for the motivation and skills of Indian pilots, who displayed their mettle in the sky during the most unfavourable conditions. Wing Commander Abhinandan was conferred Vir Chakra gallantry award in August 2019.

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