Story of a virus, 3 conjunctions and a new epoch for humanity

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Astrological predictions are like mathematical equations, which can be solved using more than one method, but the final answer is always the same. With the world being pushed into a crisis, almost everyone is in the quest to find an answer as to why it happened and how? There are different astrological interpretations to why the Corona crisis happened, in this article I’m presenting mine. In the past, I have either posted about it in closed groups or in my posts on social media platforms.

Remember 2 important dates for this year:

Jan 12—Saturn-Pluto

April 4– Jupiter-Pluto

Remember the date for you to pass on to next generation of your’s

December 21—Jupiter-Saturn

Saturn, 2nd largest planet in our solar system, astrologically associated with old age and contraction, came into a conjunction with Pluto— planet of the hidden, and the lord of viruses & bacteria. It’s a rare event which took place after 37 years on Jan 12th. That day, a volcanic eruption in Philippines caused 4 deaths and subsequently 8000 people had to be evacuated from places close to Taal volcano.

Another significant conjunction which will happen very soon, is that of Jupiter with Pluto. The two planets are coming together after an interval of 13 years on April 4 (or 5th according to your position on the globe). Jupiter, unlike Saturn, causes expansion and ergo these conjunctions will be akin to putting a pendulum in motion. The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, triggering more swings, till the pendulum comes to rest, or in a state of non-chaos at the centre. Imagine Saturn-Pluto conjunction to be the extreme left of pendulum’s motion, while Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to be the extreme right. These two events will trigger cycles which may last a few months or generations.

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on December 21st, called the once-in-a-generation great conjunction, will be the dawn of a new epoch.

Overview of the traits of planets involved in the present crisis

Even before I start penning down my interpretation of the conjunctions, it is important for my audience to know the significance of the planets involved, and the meaning of the term conjunction.

Conjunction is a very common mathematical term. You should not be surprised that it is used in astrology too, after all a lot of astrological predictions are done on the basis of mathematical calculations. Conjunction means when two astronomical entities, in this case planets, meet at the same point. The planets will merge at a single point, and appear as a single entity, to a person observing them from Earth.

Saturn–Last planet which can be viewed by our naked eyes, planet of karma, associated with skin, teeth and bones, also with hermits, grandfathers, or the older generation.

 It is not a mere coincidence that Corona virus spreads through contact of… This is from>>>

Saturn takes almost 30 years to complete a revolution around sun. Since we have 12 zodiac signs, if we were to divide Saturn’s revolution equally in all the 12 signs then, we get

30 years /12 signs = 2.5 years for each sign

 It means Saturn will remain in a zodiac sign (constellation) for about 2.5 years. This year on March 21st, Saturn enters Aquarius, after moving out of Capricorn, where it was placed since 2017. Wherever Saturn moves to, it causes contraction, and brings about permanent changes in one’s life, after teaching a life-lesson.

Pluto— hid itself from humans till 1930. A mysterious and cold planet, relegated to the position of a dwarf planet, but to Pluto, humans treating it as insignificant changes nothing. It still goes about revolving around Sun, completing a revolution in 248 years. So it remains in a zodiac sign for about 20-21 years. In astrology, this planet is associated with extreme transformation, deaths, volcanoes, earthquakes and wars are Pluto’s domain. It is considered a higher octave of planet of war–Mars. Since Pluto is too slow to go around the Sun, it’s movements can effect a lot of people in one go, ergo it’s also called a generational planet.

Jupiter—Planet of abundance, benevolence and prosperity, associated with wisdom, education, long distance travel, religion, spirituality and morality. Remember these themes to comprehend the conjunctions better, which I will explain in sometime. Jupiter, is the largest planet in our solar system, but it is way faster than Saturn and completes it’s revolution around sun in mere 12 years, spending just one year in a sign. The changes brought about by Jupiter are considered temporary when taken into consideration Saturn’s effects.

Conjuction 1 :    Saturn-Pluto, Jan 12

To the lesser trained eyes of students of astrology, the conjunction on January 12th in the earthy sign of Capricorn, was merely associated with the Taal Volcanic explosion. But their eyes missed what the trained eyes of far-sighted astrologers picked up as early as November, that– something was afoot!

Pic credit : Taal volcano

Since this was a rare conjunction, the effects of it began to appear much before the exact date of conjunction. Corona virus’s 1st case was reported in the first week of November, ostensibly.

The exact effect of conjunction—

  • Corona is a virus (associated with Pluto)
  • affected the old population (Saturn)
  • Caused death of a lot of people (Pluto)
  • But it remained hidden for long (Pluto), till a local-crisis spiraled out of hands and became a global-crisis.
  • For one person’s carelessness or Karma (Saturn), the whole community (Pluto) will have to pay. This is collective- karma!!!

But why did it spiral out of control? Reason is Karma! Humanity had to be taught a lesson, and this was the right time for nature and Saturn to do it. The planet was moving from it’s earthy sign of Capricorn to another sign where it is equally comfortable—Aquarius.

Aquarius being a sign of  humanitarianism and source of income, Saturn had to teach humans a little more about humanity, and pull down the existing functioning style of economy– where people had to slog for corporates, day and night, sans any productivity in their real lives. Now is the time for economic restructure!!

Every astrological problem is usually solved by looking at a sign just opposite to the sign where the problem originates. The conjunction took place in Capricorn, a sign related to career, masculinity, reputation and structure. Ergo, the solution to the problem lies in a sign opposite to it— which in this case is Cancer, a sign associated with home, conveyances, feminine energy and nourishing energy.

To make it easier for you to understand:

  • Careers (Capricorn) were disrupted
  • Reputation(Capricorn) of some countries were hurt
  • People were asked to stay at home and work from home (cancer)
  • Conveyances (cancer), like cars and trucks, plying on the roads were reduced
  • Feminine energy of nourishing others (cancer) took over; doctors and nurses nourished and nurtured the patients.

But the conjunction took place while Saturn was moving into Aquarius, almost towards the end of it’s transit in Capricorn. Themes associated with Aquarius are source of income, technology, humanitarianism, hopes and wishes. Do these themes ring a bell? I can bet by now my audience is sagacious enough to comprehend how Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will change the world. Aquarius also stands for out of the box solutions—trust me, at the end of this phase someone might come with a very simple but innovative solution to the present crisis.With the present crisis being imputed to Saturn, one must not forget that the planet hates cutting corners or short-cuts, only hard work will pay-off under present circumstances.

At this point I must pencil in that on 12th Jan the news of volcanic eruption grabbed lesser number of eyeballs than the news of US-Iran stand off. A third world war like scenario was brewing, but this is very typical of Pluto, a bigger threat was looming in the background. 

Whenever Saturn and Pluto conjunction has taken place a new virus or a war like situation has emerged for example

  • 1982: term AIDS was coined. AIDS is caused by a virus.
  • 1944: Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever with a casualty rate of 40% came into existence. In the same year, over 1000 Japanese prisoners of war tried to breakout from Cowra jail in Australia, which is the the largest and bloodiest prison escape of World War II
  • 1906-1907— biggest typhoid fever epidemics of all time broke out, claimed 10000+ lives annually till a vaccine was developed in 1911. This was also when “pig war,” was fought between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Serbia. A prelude to World war-I.

The list is long, there are more events which can be imputed to Saturn and Pluto conjunction, but none of the above events gained as much prominence as the present crisis, as Saturn in the above mentioned incidents was not in it’s own sign of Capricorn or Aquarius.

This year’s Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, has possibly triggered a cycle for next 38 years. Humans feared AIDS till Corona virus began infecting humans, this is akin to forgetting about Al-Qaeda when ISIS came into existence.

But what works in favour of humanity is the antidote of Saturn, called Jupiter.

Conjunction 2:   Jupiter- Pluto conjunction, on April 4

The planets Jupiter and Pluto will have 3 conjunctions this year, first one on April 4 (direct), next on June 30th (retrograde), and the last one on November 12 (direct), this can be interpreted as 3 different stages of finding solution to the present crisis. The conjunction which is to occur on April 4th has already started showing it’s effects, long distance travel, education sector and cross-cultural relations—the themes associated with Jupiter, have been disturbed. Long distance travel by flights connecting different continents of different cultures have been mostly restricted.

The next conjunction on June 30th will see Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde. Retrogrades are associated with introspection and slowing down, so at this point we might still be recovering from the decisions of governments taken in February and March.

Then on November 12th, when Jupiter and Pluto will come together one last time to part for next 13 years, we would have become wiser and will be a lot more cautious about how we conduct ourselves. Jupiter is associated with wisdom, so these brief periods of conjunction will also be about finding effective solutions to the existing problems. Or so I interpret!!

This is very rare when Jupiter catches Pluto first while moving forward on April 4th, then when it appears to be going back or retrograde in the sky on June 30th and last on November 12th when Pluto is stationed direct. It will pretty much look like Jupiter chasing Pluto in the sky. I am not even sure when was the last time when such a triple conjunction of Jupiter and pluto took place in the same year.

Conjunction 3:  Dawn of a new epoch

Image result for da vinci chakra

The third and the final conjunction will occur when planet of Karma, Saturn, will come together with planet of benevolence, Jupiter, on December 21st.

This will be an era when intellectual property will have more value than anything else.

 Yes! I mean it!!!

Jupiter will bring us wisdom, Aquarius will assist us to use technology more innovatively, and Saturn will facilitate us in performing Karma that contributes towards the higher good.

Like I said earlier, such conjunctions also trigger activities in the sign opposite to where such astronomical events take place—in this case it will be Leo—a house of creativity and pro-creativity. Should that mean– humans would have broadened their horizons on how to procreate? Would art and creativity in very field be rewarded more highly from this epoch? Relationships between the genders will evolve but to write further on this topic might be too forward for the myopic beings that we are today. But I am sanguine, this is what we are going to gift our future generations.

Pic credit

Fortunately, during this conjunction Pluto won’t be contributing and ergo no extreme transformation is expected. But if you look at it— by the end of the year humanity would have undergone tremendous amount of metamorphosis after the lessons taught by myriads of previous conjunctions.

I bet that the person that you are at this stage would be unrecognizable to the new found you in December. How amazing is that?

Though it sounds good on paper, but transformations are never smooth, as we humans tend to resist changes and refuse to learn our lessons. Remember– with Saturn having triggered the present crisis, he will drag us and force us repeat cycles, till we learn our lessons and are not ready to move to the next phase. This is a caveat!


I have always believed that there’s always more than one way of predicting the same astrological events just like the tips we use, to cross-check our answers to mathematical equations.

So few such events which contributed to present crisis are:

  1. Eclipses along the Cancer-Capricorn axis: Most of the last year’s eclipses, be it solar or lunar, took place in Cancer and Capricorn. This year, there will be a solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21st (date close to Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on June 30th). Later, on July 5th  there will be a partial Lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.

What should this mean to a mortal like us?—Cancer is associated with home, mothers, feminine energy, while Capricorn is associated with masculinity and career. Sun is associated with fathers and rational decisions, while moon (luna) is associated with our emotions and mother.

Eclipses will help us find a balance between work and home. Work-from-home is a good solution, but after the present crisis is abated, many would have disassociated themselves from corporate lives within next 2.5 years or would have found a more peaceful solution to earn a living.

Why could not governments prevent the crisis?

 Unfortunately for the innocent souls who lost their lives, the present crisis had it’s genesis in Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, from October 31st which continued till end of November.

Scorpio is a dark sign of extremes, a sign with which Pluto and Mars are associated. Once again, death and hidden nature of virus, can both be attributed to Pluto and with it, to Scorpio. But Mercury, the planet of communication, which was in retrograde, also prevented the news from reaching other parts of the world.

This planet is also associated with poor decision making, ergo it’s possible the Chinese government made some erroneous decisions in the beginning of Corona outbreak.

Interestingly by the time, Corona had reached Italy in February, Mercury had entered into another retrograde, and it’s possible that erroneous decision making costed loss of lives in this European country.

But then like they say— what has to happen will happen! My only trepidation is with the new moon on 23rd/24th March, the date will differ in different parts of the world. Usually, new moon is imputed to rise the activity of viruses and bacteria in the environment. So on these days one must stay indoor.

A decade from now, we might look back at this phase of absolute chaos, when cornucopia of bad luck descended upon Human beings, as a boon,

Human, who proudly called himself a social animal, has been forced into isolation, because nature wants us to rewire ourselves.

Article posted by Levina


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