Hilarious immigrant stories– Qatari Police makes Announcements in Malayalam, while Kerala Police makes announcements in Hindi for it’s immigrants

Lockdown has been a very unwelcome change for most of us, but to many who have learnt to look at the lighter side of it, recent videos which were doing rounds on whatsapp, were a source of entertainment. The videos show Police in different countries, making announcements according to the languages spoken by majority of it’s immigrants. But there’s an element of humour in it.

 In GCC (gulf cooperation countries) like UAE and Qatar, Police vehicles were seen radiating instructions in different languages. In most of the GCC countries, population of immigrants from the Indian state of Kerala is very high, ergo the decision of making announcements in Malayalam was logical and welcomed by everyone.

Meanwhile in Kerala, Police were in a dilemma of a different sort. Immigrants living in Kerala, are mostly from Bengal and Bihar and the language understood by majority of them is Hindi. But Kerala being a southern state, Hindi is not understood and spoken by the natives. This could be the reason why the Policeman in the video can be seen struggling to speak in Hindi as he gave instructions to the immigrants. But then ofcourse, whoever heard his Hindi was in splits.

While Police in GCC used per-recorded messages, Policemen in Kerala stuck to giving impromptu instructions.

As we watch and have fun at the cost of our Policemen, let us not forget to thank them for putting their lives in harm’s way, so that we could stay at home peacefully during lockdown. Respect!!!

Police vehicle in Qatar making announcement in Malayalam.

Policeman in Kerala giving instructions in Hindi.


Video credit: Unknown, via Whatsapp

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