Maoists Planned Communal Tension Under The Garb Of Urban Revolution With The Help Of ISI—Says NIA, Incriminating Evidences Against Navlakha & Teltumbe Brothers

A day after Suzanna Arundhati Roy published an article claiming –”To properly secure its idea of a Hindu Rashtra, the BJP has to persuade a majority of the Dalit population to embrace a creed that stigmatises and humiliates them.”, India’s counter-terrorist task force, NIA, has filed 10,000 pages long chargesheet against Ms Roy’s close acquaintances Gautam Navlakha and others in Bhima Koregaon case. The agency has found incriminating evidences against 8 people who had close association with enemy spy agencies like ISI, and were working in close coordination with inimical entities like CPI (Maoists) to subvert India. The strategy was to insert wedges between different communities within India with the help of frontal organizations and activists (synonymous to over ground workers) to incite violence not just in Maharashtra but across India.

The Plan & execution

NIA has named 8 people in it’s chargesheet. Names include Gautam Navlakha, Anand teltumbe, Milind Teltumbe, Jyoti Jagtap, Hany Babu, Stan Swamy, Sagar Gorkhe & Ramesh Gaichor, who were involved in the following activities.

  1. Planning violent attacks by mobilising Maoist cadres against Indian Government.
  2. Had close association with banned organisations. They also received arms & ammunitions through such organisations inside & outside India.
  3. The attacks were to be carried out by Maoists frontal outfits or overground workers, in the name of urban “revolution”.
  4. Their communication was done using discreet codes.
  5. They wanted to promote communal hatred between different castes & communities.


NIA investigation reveals that each person arrested in Bhima Koregain case, was assigned a certain role, some were very active while some were involved in covertly assisting Maoists.

Gautam Navlakha: His role was to unite intellectuals against Government of India. He was to recruit cadres for guerilla attacks & was working in close association with ISI. He was part of fact checking groups.

Gautam Navlakha with Suzanna Arundhati Roy
  • Anand Teltumbe: Played an active role with other Maoist cadres, was the one receiving funds to carry out the attacks. He was present at Elgar Parishad, Shaniwar wada, Pune, when provocative speeches were made to incite people.
Milind Teltumbe & Anand Teltumbe
  •  Milind Teltumbe:  He was responsible for organizing weapon training in the forests for Maoist cadres.
  • Hany Babu: He was responsible for taking foreign journalists to areas under influence of CPI (maoist). He was raising funds for the release of G.N Saibaba. He was also in close contact with banned organizations like KCP( Kanglepak communist party in Manipur) and RDF (revolutionary democratic party from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana). He worked as a professor in Delhi University.
  •  Stan Swamy: He was the one communicating to CPI(Maoist) cadres, alerted them that arrest of urban Maoists had inflicted irrevocable damage to Maoist cadre. He received funds for furtherance of CPI(Maoist) activities, was also the convenor of CPI (Maoist)’s frontal organization called PPSC. He was found in possession of propaganda material.
  • Sagar Gorkhe, Ramesh Gaichor & Jyoti Jagtap are trained CPI(maoist) cadres, who were also members of frontal organization called Kabir Kala manch. They propagated CPI(Maoist)’s agenda and were involved in planning & coordination of attacks across Maharashtra.

The NIA in it’s statement has repeatedly underlined the involvement of frontal activists of CPI(Maoists) & intellectuals. The report can be read here>>>

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