When India warned the world!!!

An article by Truthful Scribe

When India was urging the world to take cognizance of the radical terrorism, they turned a cold shoulder. Despite of India’s struggle it was put to through the proxy wars by Pakistan causing various terrorist attacks in the form of bombings, killings, infiltrations and what not. The world was so ignorant that they didn’t even bother to define the word “Terrorism”. On April 6, 2016, addressing a gathering of Indian diaspora in Brussels, Modi had said that the UN has all means and mechanism to deal with war but does not know what the definition of terrorism is and how to address it. This reality check by PM Modi was responded by UN stating that “We certainly are trying to take a responsible attitude in terms of dealing with terrorism and the specter of terrorism worldwide. The UN encourages international solidarity against terrorism in all its aspects, whether it is terrorist bombings or terrorist financing.”–Deputy Spokesman for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. By 2016, UN was trying to take a responsible attitude against terrorism, as if 9/11 in US and 26/11 in India wasn’t enough to act responsibly.

For the sake of some stupid recognition or some award, those countries especially European countries didn’t regulate the influx of refugees despite the well-known Bangladesh Refugees crisis faced by India around 1971 and Israel’s struggle with the radical countries surrounding them. Through this unmonitored influx of refugees those European countries have put their people’s lives on stake for the days to come. They allowed their own people to get manipulated by the foul cry which made them come on streets with posters in support of refugees.

The complete blame is on the greed of some politicians and present governments of that time, for some votes. There was enough to learn from India’s and Israel’s experience with tackling terrorism and insurgency. As rightly said, ignorance is a bliss.

 Civilized societies really need to do away with this secularism crap and need to understand that these attacks on innocent people are not profusely condemned by Human Rights type “Companies”. The people of the countries especially facing the radical turmoil need to put pressure on their respective governments to effectively deal with extremism of any sort. Besides, not expecting the governments to act proactively, as they are bound by so called the democratic thread which makes them go soft against many ungrateful things in the name of freedom of speech and of course the sense of self-righteousness to show how liberal they are and how much equality matters to them. Whatever Europe is facing today is already faced by India in a much-much larger format. But clearly no lessons have been learnt.

 Human Rights were  “merry making” when the Europe was blindly allowing the refugees with an utter disproportion, but they are non-responsive after so much of brutal bloodshed of their own people. Democracies really need to identify and call-out the hypocrisy of such organizations, who even fail to say the right thing, be it Covid19 or Terrorism. Why they fail to say that the epicentre of terrorism are countries like Pakistan and the countries who is single handily responsible for Covid19 pandemic is China and put some strict sanctions on them. It’s clear that something is terribly wrong here and some people or organizations are getting some sort of benefit by staying mum about a lot of things. Which makes it very clear that people need to tell their governments what they want without any doubts and it will be for their own peaceful existence and their upcoming generations. Attaching a colourful pictorial representation of the data of terror attacks in European countries between 1970 and 2015 (Credits ~ Statista.com). Here the colours don’t represent any happy feeling of any sort but bloodshed and the loss of innocent lives.

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An article by Truthful Scribe

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