Organ Transplant racket, Journalist’s killing & Sabrimala—are related to KP Yohanan & national security?

Recently a journalist’s death sent shock waves across the state of Kerala, for he was very brusque in his reporting and followed journalistic ethics. SV Pradeep, was a man who had worked with many prominent media houses was killed in a hit & run case on December 15th. This was a man who had crossed his journalistic swords with leaders of prominent political parties and KP Yohanan—a man whose NGO was recently raided by IT dept. According to SV Pradeep, KP Yohanan could have been involved in a huge organ transplant racket. Will Kerala dig deeper into this journalist’s death and the paraphernalia of this racket?  

The COFFIN racket—report by SV Pradeep

The deceased journalist in one of his reports had exposed that KP Yohanan’s group runs many hospitals where organ transplants are rampant. He had gone on to claim that the there’s a conversion mafia which goes about carrying out large scale conversions of people who belong to the lower rung of the society and that they are then subjected to such organ transplant operations. But to hide the number of deaths caused due to such illegal activities in the hospitals run by KP Yohanan and group, they have about 20-25 crematories under them, where bodies of those who undergo organ transplant are disposed, leaving no trace behind.

In this video SV Pradeep narrates how KP Yohanan and group managed to convince the state government to stop his report on organ transplant from being published. He also mentioned that he almost got arrested for doing the report on KP Yohanan.

Reporting on rackets which might have the support of higher echelon takes a lot of courage—something that SV Pradeep had no paucity of.

Timing of the Killing

Most of the media houses and reports associate killing of SV Pradeep with political parties like CPIM, as SV Pradeep had been regularly reporting on CPIM’s pernicious activities within the state. The recent gold smuggling case had brought a lot of muck to the surface and Pradeep left no stone unturned to keep his audience abreast with the updates of the smuggling case.

But then no political party would have shot itself in the foot by committing a political murder during elections. Kerala was undergoing local body elections till 14th December and it would be every political party’s worst nightmare to get dragged into a controversy amidst the elections. So who was firing from the shoulders of political parties? Who would have benefited with SV Pradeep’s elimination? And who could have taken advantage of the timing of his death? Not hard to guess!  

SV Pradeep was travelling on his motor bike when a truck hit him from behind. The CCTV pictures show that it was a clear case of hit & run. Though the Police has arrested the driver now, the story still being propagated is—it was an accident.

His family members have maintained that there’s foul play in his death.

Clockwise: SV Pradeep on his motorbike, the truck which hit his motor bike, the accident, and police inspecting his motorbike, source: Mathrubhumi news & Manorama online

KP Yohanan’s background and National security?

This is definitely not a man with a decorous past. The NGO run by KP Yohanan was raided by IT dept and they had seized about 7 crores worth money. Few media houses had reported that the cash was stacked in a hidden chamber inside the office of the NGO and some amount was also found from the boot space of a car.

Official report by IT department

His name had surfaced during the peak of Sabrimala issue too. Ostensibly, this man & his NGO were under the scrutiny since sometime for acquiring 2268 acres land near Sabrimala. It is alleged that 100 acres of land under Yohanan belongs to Devaswom board (temple board, Kerala) and that there’s a plan to construct airport on the land under KP Yohanan’s possession. The illegally taken over land under Yohanan, would have then been bought by the Government at a hefty price. The gist is—the government would have not just forgiven KP Yohanan for illegally taking over 100 acres but also rewarded him with a handsome sum for the same. Definitely not a good precedent.

In America there are 2 cases of fraud against an entity called Gospel of Asia, run by Yohanan. The tentacles of this group had spread far, and it is possible there was foreign funding involved in Sabrimala agitation. The Income Tax Department had summoned K P Yohannan for questioning and had also asked him to hand over the documents of his foreign transactions. But the agency was later informed he’s on foreign trip and he could not be questioned. The group runs about 30 trusts, registered across India, and most of them exist only on paper and have been found to be used for routing the unaccounted funds and for accommodation transactions.

According to Gene Sharp theory, it is easy to take down any country by inserting wedges at a country’s weakest points—in India’s case it would have been the religious divisions that exist in Indian society. Similarly, in America’s case, people of different colours could be used to keep smouldering cinders of hatred.  

So is that what lead to Sabrimala agitation?

Are the hospitals run by KP Yohanan’s group really carrying out a behemoth organ transplant racket? Is that why the journalist was killed?

These are few questions which can be answered only by the central agencies as state machinery is controlled by state government which itself is tainted and supportive of KP Yohanan.

Article by Levina


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