Connection Between 9+ Shell Companies, Farmers Protest & Terrorism—Complete Case Study

Article by Vijay Patel

This article digs into history of 2 cartels which have been funding the farmers protests.  

Cartel No.1

The mastermind behind Punjab music industry’s involvement in farmer’s protest is a man called Sundeep Singh Khakha.. Every Punjabi celebrity who is involved in the protest is in direct contact with him. He runs an organization called Dharam Seva record, a registered trust in England. But is just a facade to hide his actual world of shell companies.


Let me explain first of all about his Trust. Below are the details of this trust. Along with balance sheet of 2019. They organise shows all over the Europe, USA and other counties with this trust. But they have very small amount in their balance!! Why?

The answer: they have created Private LTD Companies with the almost similar names.

Company No. 1– DHARAM SEVA LTD

 It is a Dormant Company. It means it doesn’t have any actual business nor does it sell anything. The company was dissolved in 2016. Isn’t it amazing? It was formed in the year 2013, the same year when they had registered the trust.


Incorporate in 2013 and dissolved in 2016. But in between changed name so that they can create other bank accounts. And can close the old one!

Company No.3– FAMOUS STD LTD

Name is different but purpose is same. Incorporate in 2016 and dissolved in 2018 in just 2 years. Here is the surprise– this time partner is Diljit with name on Daljit. He resigned in just 1 month but still use Famous brand in his YouTube.

Company No. 4 BUILDAGE LTD

Incorporate in 2016 and dissolved in 2017 in just 1 year.

Nature of business is also not mentioned!

Company No. 5 ATMA TEAS LTD

Incorporate in 2015 and dissolved in 2017 in just 2 year. Again this is a dormant Company, also they changed name in between.


Incorporate in 2013 and dissolved in 2015, in just 2 years. Nature of business is also not mentioned.


Incorporate in 2011 and dissolved in 2014 in just 3 years. Again this is a dormant Company! This time partner is Dinesh Auluck, Owner of Speed record India.


Incorporate in 2013 and dissolved in 2015 in just 2 year Nature of business is also not mentioned! Also change name in between! Partner is Dinesh Auluck, Owner of Speed record India!


Incorporate in 2013 and dissolved in 2015 in just 2 year. Nature of business is not mentioned!

There are couple more companies, but I’ll stop it here because by now you must have got an Idea on how he is creates and goes about closing companies. A repeating pattern.

The man behind the shell companies

Sundeep Singh Khakha is using charitable trust as a mask to generate funds and then use it for his ultimate goal “ Khalistan”. He has changed his bio and deleted his photo with gun after I posted a thread on him, on Dec 4. He hasn’t posted anything on twitter after November 2019, may be because he merely wants to hide his involvement.

But he actively uses his trust’s official social media accounts to instigate farmers and young people. He also created lots of twitter accounts to make impact on twitter. You will see lots of new twitter accounts nowadays with name of a farmer. He is behind it.

Each and every big Punjabi Singers works with him abroad.

With Grippy Grewal
with Jazzy B

Now take a look at twitter handle of DharamSeva

It is UK based trust which is run by Sundeep Singh khakha. It doesn’t have right to instigating people in India’s internal matter. But it does so continuously. Instigating people of Punjab and the Singers.

Pro Khalistain Groups –The sikh network and Sikh federation of UK, had “awarded” him sometime ago, showing their support to him.

Dharam Seva Records set up the charity with a network of singers, songwriters, a Public Relations Team and social media support. DharamSeva Records have worked with Diljit Dosanjh, Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Jassi Gill, Feroz Khan, Harbhajan Mann, Sukshinder Shinda.

Cartel No. 2 & Terrorism Angle

We look into case no RC-05/2012/NIA/DLI of NIA. According to it Khalsa Aid was providing fund to terrorist organization Babar Khalsa International (BTI). Same organization is providing all support at ground level in Farmer protest! But case is still under investigation.

NIA has been unable to probe in this case because UK is not supporting.

Due to this case on them, they have transfer it to ‘ Khalsa Aid Internation’ from ‘Khalsa Aid’

Now  look at the amount of fund they have in ‘White’ till March 2019. Just Convert into INR!! And imagine how much they may have been in ‘ Black’!

They provide aid to Syrian refugees and Rohingyas to get support and fund from countries like Pakistan. This is cartel no 2 To hide their actual goal, in between they also have done some other camp. E.g. Chennai flood

They are also running their branches in the neighboring countries of India so that they can get more support for Khalistan.

They have also supported #CAA Protest and served tea to students of Jamia Millia Islamia university during Delhi Protests. They seem to have a clear agenda, which is not hard to guess.

Now please see some of the tweets of Ravi Sing who is head and founder of Khalsa Aid

During Farmer’s protest they are serving everything with micro level planning, which is not possible without proper long term planning. Let’s check some of the service which they are providing to Protesters.

Shelter home, footwear, bathing and hygiene kits, Fogging

fire extinguishers, Portable washrooms and Toilets! And much more

Now the question is– how an organization can run when they have already have a case pending with NIA on charges of terrorism?

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