Indian History Must be Taught With Unbiased And Non-political Agenda

By Tanmay Naik

_”Had Shivaji been born in England, we would not only have ruled the entire world, but the whole Universe :– ( Lord Mountbatten, England)”_

This quote itself states that how glorious our Indian history is .

I. Introduction

Studying history enables us to develop better understanding of the world in which we live. Building knowledge and understanding of historical events and trends, especially over the past century, enables us to develop a much greater appreciation for current events today. America’s history is approx. 400yrs old, historical existence of England is approx. 800yrs old, but Bharat’s history is very very ancient. In today’s world, what scientists and professionals are researching on, out of those areas of research, most of those knowledge are already mentioned and practised in our ancient books.

History is important to study because by reading our own history ,we get to understand our past,

our society and culture.

1.Rigved tells us about farming technology. The traces of such technology are in our holy

religious texts for more than 1000s of years.

2.Sanskrit language is very useful in computer programming. This language is dependent on


3. Pythagoras theorem was already mentioned 1000s of years ago by our vedic scholars.

4. In the field of mathematics: 0, decimal digits system, correct value of π( pie) etc were told

years ago by Bhaskaracharya’s grantha and are still useful in today’s world.

6. Bharatiya scholar Aryabhatt discovered gravity theory years before Isaac Newton and now

manchester university has also admitted this fact.

7. The great monk Kanad Rishi had told about atomic theory long years ago

8. We have had doctors like charak, Sushruta ( Father of Surgery) etc.

II. Feeling of unity

Freedom fighters and revolutionaries were not only for a specific caste or religion or State, but they were of entire country eg. Chankya, Chandragupta Maurya, Maharana Prata, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Govind Singh, Dr. Hedgewar, Bhagat Singh & Dr. B.R. Ambedkar etc.

If we intend to learn from our history, we tend never to make errors. History always suggests that whenever we have turned selfish , whenever we have given priority to our self benefit rather than giving priority to country and it’s assets, on that every occasion our motherland has always been invaded by foreigners.

III. Misrepresentation of history

At present, Indian history is broadly classified into mughal era, British era , Lodi era etc. which is completely wrong. By such a misrepresentation of our glorious history, we are moulding thoughts that infer that our history has always been of slavery. Instead of this we must write history according to our Indian history timeline

eg: vishwa guru era, Chakravarti era (Mahabharatas 24 dynasty), Civilization era( Mahabharat, Sindhu Sabhyata) Peaceful era ( from

Mahabharat’s era to Sikandar’s invasion),

Victory on invaders era ( Shak, Kushan, Hun, Maurya era, Gupta era, Harshvardhan era),

Tomar vansh ( Chavan era, Maratha era, Sikh era, Independence movement, revolutionary era, post independence, emergency etc)

IV. Importance of history

We can get proper guidance and motivation from one’s history, whenever we feel discouraged. Unbiased perspective of studying history can help developing historically impartial perspective. We do not trust our proof but we blindly trust foreigners. Eg: in today’s world we easily accept foreign theory , trend , culture but we do not accept our theory, culture. We should stop seeing our history from others perspective.

Also there has been very huge contribution of RSS in freedom struggle, but yet it has not been mentioned anywhere in our history.

So called historians tell us that Vasco-de-gama discovered India, but it’s not true. The truth is that Vasco-de-gama had landed on African coast, considering it as India. Later, he followed one of the Indian ship which showed him the route to India. Vasco-de-gama got surprised after seeing Indian ship as it was 3 times bigger than his ship . This shows that Vasco-de-gama did not discovered India and also shows that we had very advanced ship technology. Even the Britishers understood the importance of Shivaji Maharaj but our so called historians didn’t. But now we see Shivaji Maharaj Chp. Only in 4th std book and that too containing very little information. Shivaji Maharaj is also called as father of India Navy. Such a great personality but our so called historians didn’t mentioned the correct history.

V. Way Forward

We must always remember that our history is of revolution ( Sangharsh). Everytime we kept defending ourselves from invaders. One or the other freedom fighters kept fighting with invaders. There is a need of proper documentation on this. For creating a well informed and self-dignified future generations, we must know, study and understand our glorious history. Eg: In holy scripture Ramayana, Jambuvant reminded Lord Hanuman about his supernatural powers. During World War, when Germany attacked Russia, Stalin spoke about their glorious Russian history to his soldiers for getting motivated.

Hence, one’s own history must be taught with unbiased and non-political agenda.

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