Ukraine-Russia Updates

Update as on 4th April:

According to the latest reports President Putin said– Military build up is defensive and pose NO threat.

But here’s the catch:

~Russian convoy was seen carrying BRIDGE sections, possibly planning to cross a water body. Closest water body is 50-70 Km away from the border.

~USAF RQ-4 Global Hawk was seen flying close to Crimea. Interestingly in the same area there’s a S-400 sys. Anything within 400 Km range of it— if flies, it dies! —as a veteran said. Location of S-400 in the pic




~USAF C-130 J ws also seen over Ukraine.

~The only bridge that connects Crimea to Russia has been shut down for civilians. It’s now being used only for movement of military convoys.


~In the Donbas region, there have been 21 ceasefire violations since yesterday. Both Russia & Ukraine have accused each other of shelling. 2 Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded.

Fire after shelling, Picture from 3rd April, Donetsk

~Pics of fuel tanks and artillery being moved to the border by Russia.


S-400 being moved? A battery of S-400 is located at Fiolent, Crimea already, along with a CDAA ( circularly disposed antenna ray).

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