Cabal Exposed- Time to Introspect and Reform

By Esha

Indian democracy is under attack from internal and external enemies of  the country. It has become the new normal to make sweeping comments about everything Indian. What is strange is that these attacks are made by people who actually have no idea about India! They blatantly disregard the complexity of the Indian culture and the Indian way of life. Clueless they simply parrot what a few chosen self-proclaimed elite feed them.

A peep into the history of India since it won its independence, in 1947 shows a coterie of English speaking, westernized bunch of entitled people usurp power. They were completely alienated from everything Indian, being under the influence of the British way of life. They wanted to foster their love for everything British onto the common populace of this country. Thus, began their task of re-writing the history of this great land, deriding the Hindu way of life and promoting their thoughts, of what was right and what was wrong. An ecosystem, gradually came into being, consisting of a motley crowd of politicians, media personnel and so-called intellectuals.

This ecosystem had one goal and that was to become the de facto, undisputed rulers of the country. The common masses during that period were not qualified and more importantly a gullible lot. So, trusting were they that they had no inkling of suspicion regarding the subtle but repeated attack on their culture, religion and heritage. Unhindered, the cabal re wrote the history and highlighted the history of the invaders and glorified them, endlessly. Gradually a sense of inferiority complex developed among the majority, so much so that they started being ashamed of their lineage. Conversion was rampant and division of the Hindu populace on the basis of caste was undertaken on a war path.

Words like secularism and socialism were touted and ultimately during the Dark days of Emergency these words were surreptitiously introduced in the constitution, obviously without any opposition. Why? The voice of the opposition had been stifled, so it was a very smooth transition. However, this secularism was lopsided to say the least, Hindu temples were taken under the umbrella of the government, but all other religious places of worship were free to run them according to their beliefs and rules. This did not worry the majority much in those days. After 2014, with the advent of the Narender Modi government things changed.

Information, which hitherto had been kept tightly under wraps came into public domain. Another reason for the free flow of information was the advent of IT and SM platforms. By this time a large number of people had acquired reasonable degree of education, they could now process various events, understand them and draw conclusions.

A very ugly vicious campaign to wipe out the rich cultural heritage of this great land unfolded before them. Therein began an era of countering the newfangled narratives of decades set by the cabal. Obviously, all hell broke loose, the cabal could not digest the fact that they were being challenged and their leadership was not only in danger but was ridiculed. The majority was in no mood to accept their dictates’ anymore. They, yet believed that just like they had been able to cobble up a majority, to defeat Shri Atal Bihari ji in 2004, this time round in 2019 they would repeat the feat. Imagine their horror when the Modi government came back with an even larger majority, dashing their dreams, sending a chill down their spines as they knew, all their corrupt practices would be further exposed.

Their fear brought them together and a campaign to malign Narender Modi was undertaken on a war footing. Every straw was clutched at, their extreme nervousness made them blind to the fact that this was a New India. This India saw right through them and openly questioned them. Moreover, all their efforts to spoil one man’s image came to naught, as the beneficial work for the downtrodden was actually being undertaken. As their lives changed and they started asserting themselves, the cabal became more and more hypersensitive. Their taut nerves stretched to breaking point, made them desperate. They never relished when their greed for power and an entitled life drove them towards an acute hatred towards anything and everything undertaken by the Modi government.

They have now started colluding with vested foreign powers to hamper all the developmental work, as it meant a plus for the ruling party and a negative for them. Media personnel loyal to the cabal, who had lost their sheen and lay exposed before the populace, as vicious lobbyists gladly jumped to their help. A new way of changing the narrative and defaming the ruling party came into being termed as toolkit. Ironically, so stupid have the pushers proved themselves to be that they, exposed their motive repeatedly.

The country was again and again pushed into chaos and lawlessness, the vultures waited with bated breath, with each new attack to score a point in their favour. Alas! Each time they were thwarted, as the PM guessed what they were up to and did not bite the bait. On the other hand, their ulterior motive and extreme hatred against the Hindus is now out in the open for everyone within the country to see. All the paid media inside and outside the country and the sharp attack on Hindus, to the extent of labeling them as radicals and terror outfits have further boomeranged on them.

In conclusion, it would be a better idea to be a constructive opposition rather than an extremely negative body of disgruntled has-beens. This country is finally coming to terms with its rich heritage and every step to ridicule it will further demean this cabal. It is highly advisable that they introspect and stop all anti national activities, only then can they expect forgiveness and acceptance.

By Esha

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