Swastika & 2000 Years of Decaying That Hinduism Faced Are Connected

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By Levina

The “2000 yrs old” way of living is about to change, do you feel it?

An old established system which didn’t align to human moral compass will collapse. But people remain skeptical and are often quick to point that—last 2000 yrs coincided with downfall of #Sanatana. We forget that both #KaalChakra & Swastika are about repetitions.

Sanatana teaches us—everything is cyclical! KAALCHAKRA which made Sanatana touch it’s zenith, led to it’s downfall too. And if we have it in us we will THRIVE again. I see Sanatana’s resurgence; Shiv Lings being found everywhere, old architecture & honour being restored.

Below is a 1100 years old Shivling being unearthed in at Mỹ Sơn in Quang Nam province of Vietnam.

ASI excavates Shiv Ling in Vietnam, Photograph:( Dr S Jaishankar Twitter )
Lakkundi Step well in 1880 and now after restoration, Pic credit Ttravelog

Our symbol Swastika is clockwise, and represents how time moves forward. It’s said Swastika was derived from Ursa major/ Sapta Rishi constellation which moves around Dhruv/ pole star. During each season it’s at different position forming Swastika ultimately. Kaal-chakra (wheel of time) it is!

Ursa Major at different positions, forming Swastika

Be it Kaali Devi or Kaal, who derive thier name from kaal or time, represent death and transformation. Both are not known to spare any good or bad entity, Sanatana too had to face the wrath of time. It was put through tests and it now sees resurgence. Last 2000 yrs were about living in a materialistic world and decay of societal values.… which is changing.

Trivia: Dr Pai, the expert on ancient India and an astrologer in one of his speeches called Kaali standing over Shiva as SPACE-TIME continuum.

Pic credit: Pinterest

Kali Devi or Kaal represent time, while Shiva the space, from which everything originates. This picture represents time is perpendicular to space, which is today taught in science books. Time, the unsparing, can’t b stopped, just like Kali devi. Only SHIVA, the space, can contain it. Our Gods are a personification of the universe around us.

Pic credit: Pinterest
From twitter

Yes, there exists a counterclockwise Swastika— called Sauvastika. This is a 5000 yr old seal from Harappa which shows Swastika & Sauvastika.


Once we understand the holy symbol of Swastika and concept of Kaal chakra, we will realise that the fall and rise of Santana was imminent and it happened for the higher good.


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