Drone Attack Shocked Manipur-Based Terrorists, 5 Killed 10 Injured

IMPHAL: At least two high-intensity bomb blasts were reported near Moreh town along the India-Myanmar border on Feb 9. The attacks carried out at the headquarters of a Manipur-based underground group, with the help of drones by pro-democratic forces. The initial reports said one terrorist was killed and 7 others were injured, including one self-styled colonel of Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF), a self-styled lieutenant colonel and a self-styled captain. But now the numbers have surged, at least 3 more militants are dead.

Update: Latest reports suggest at least 5 killed in the drone attack inside the militant camp.

Both the drone attacks took place inside Myanmar territory, 150 m away from the international border in Manipur that India shares with Myanmar.

The Indian defence forces in Manipur are on high alert after the drone attacks that were reportedly carried out by a combined team of People’s Defence Force (PDF) and Kuki National Army (KNA-B) on a Manipur-based militant group at Thongren, Sagaing region (Myanmar).

The causalities increased as the number of terrorists who were injured could not be given medical treatment within their camps. At the time of the drone attacks there close to 30-40 militants inside the militant camp.

The PDFs is the armed wing of the National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG) and was formed by the NUG with youths and pro-democracy activists on May 5, 2021 in response to the coup d’état that occurred on February 1, 2021 that put the military junta and their armed wing the Tatmadaw in power.

A report last year mentioned that PDF has a crew of drone operators and that it plans to conduct more than 100 missions. The report also mentioned the drones can use 81mm mortar bombs and 60mm mortar bombs in attacks. (81 mm HE mortar projectiles generally contain anywhere between 400 g and 680 g of HE and have a maximum range of approximately 6,500 m. HE* stands for high explosive)

A crew of PDF with the newly acquired drones

Since last 2 days Myanmar has been rocked by multiple mine blasts.

The other reported blasts in last 3 days:


Terrorists now blame that 4 more terrorists who were trying to infiltrate into India after they could not be given treatment in Myanmar, have been eliminated by Indian Commandos (21 Para SF). Many terrorists died after the attack on Feb 9th as they could not be treated in Myanmar.

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