Dehyphenating India-Pakistan

India-Pakistan rivalry is akin to sibling rivalry where India is considered the elder sibling and is often asked by the “elders” around to show patience.
Let’s accept it that India and Pakistan can never be friends- I call it fait accompli. Our relations have touched new lows and thawing relations in not a solution…so let’s freeze it completely.
It’s a well known fact that India and Pakistan would prosper by leap and bounds if they stop concentrating on each other. But since India is always expected to take the first step, India should act smart.
What do I mean by “act smart”??
No, I don’t mean getting “non-state actors” involved, au contrarie I mean let’s slowly cut off our relations and stop depending on each other.

How can this be achieved???

  • By downgrading the diplomatic relations- Pakistan and India are often named in the same breath, so first both the countries must stop getting associated with each other. Aman ki asha and Samjhauta express have not achieved any tangible results. On India’s part, India can put Pakistan in Consular status and allow limited functioning of Pakistan embassy in India till (say) LeT mastermind agrees to send his voice sample to India. Pakistan can also take a similar step.
  • Reducing our economic dependence: India’s GDP is expected to grow 7% this year, Pakistan on the other hand is lagging behind, its economic growth is stagnant at 2%. Current trade volume between the 2 countries is less than $3 billion and the bulk of it is carried out through Dubai. Why take the trouble?? I don’t know about Pakistan but India’s trade volume with other countries is over $700billion. So do we have to travel the extra mile in the name of “Aman ki asha”?? A big fat No!!!
  • Kashmir is (not) an issue: The UNSC resolution which gets talked about on international forums, and that which asks Paksitan to vacate Kashmir, and India to conduct plebiscite, is not an obligation. The two countries should accept the status quo and move on. Let’s accept LOC as IB.
  • Let’s seal our borders: This would ensure zero infiltration of terrorists, terrorism is the major disruption to peace process in the region. Since trade volume would be close to nil, sealing borders should not be a biggie. Once the borders are sealed we’ll have to spend lesser on our defences and the money can be re-routed for infrastructure building…. A win-win situation for both the countries.

I am sure in our real lives we all know ppl with whom we don’t want to be friends but don’t want to be known as their foes either, and with whom we maintain a cordial relation for the sake of formality.
This what I hope for, since I have given up on peace talks.

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