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Headlines of the Day! 2022

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Inghimasi Style Attack in Balochistan, Pak Army Stunned

By Levina Last evening, Baloch rebels attacked two military camps in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, one attack took place in Panjgur and the other in Noshki Frontier Corps camp. ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) had initially confirmed the death of only one soldier and four Baloch rebels, but it hid the fact that it was an Inghimasi style attack by Read More

Other side of story–How does Indian Kashmiri perceive Pakistan’s win over India in T20 ICC match?

By Mir Junaid A country founded basically on anti Hindu thesis – the ideological framework developed by Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and few London based Islamic scholars, notwithstanding – has evolved in to a state where only irrationality rules and finds her cognizance in fueling hatred and nurturing poisonous minds against India; the Read More

Sugar Explosive– ISI & LeT Made 4 Attempts At Attacking India But Failed

Article by Levina Will you believe it if you were to told that terrorists used sugar in an explosive which they had planted in a passenger train? Indian investigation agency, NIA, deserves a pat on it’s back for solving this case in mere 6 days. Ostensibly, Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba had planned a series of Read More

A Suspicious Call Received In Siliguri Led To Arrest Of 2 In Bengaluru For Assisting ISI—Joint Op By Military Intelligence & B’luru Police (ATC)

By Levina In an operation that comes close to a thriller chase movies, Military intelligence and Bengaluru Police (ATC) cracked their whip on a network of men who were running an exchange where international calls could be converted to local calls. This case helps the agencies recapitulate that ISI, the Pakistan’s spy agency is now Read More

To Mr UNGA President– A Short Lesson On Kashmir’s History by a Kashmiri

   Ignorance seems to have no limits. Normally one would think that the President of UNGA would be well versed with the long-standing issues between the member countries of UNGA, but his statement on Kashmir at a press conference on 29-05-2021 in Islamabad either betrays his total ignorance of this historical yet bogus dispute between Read More

ISI Looses Trust Over Other Intel Agencies, Imran Khan Approves National Intel Coordination Committee As A Damage Control

As per Pakistan’s media Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the setting up of the National Intelligence Coordination Committee(NICC). But the real reason many sources say is Pakistan Army’s fear of rise of rogue elements within intel agencies.

The Other Side of Pakistan: Honour Killings, Authorities & a VICE Documentary.

On November 26th VICE Asia released a report named “Honor Killings In Pakistan: The Kohistan Case”. This report revolved around the murder of five women after a video was released on May 2012 of all of them singing during a wedding while two men reportedly danced. The women were later killed by their own family members in a case of honor killing after a tribal jirga (meeting) was held.

Kashmir no longer an Apartheid Warzone- thanks to Indian Government

Terrorism is at an all time low in the valley and things are beginning to come back to normalcy. This move corrected a historic wrong and relegated the Kashmiri leadership of the past into the dustbins of history forever, where they belong.

Pakistan Announces Elections In Gilgit-Baltistan As Baba Jan And Other Political Leaders Remain Behind The Bars, India asks Pakistan to vacate the region

No human rights, no political rights and no free judges. There’s no reason why we should remain a part of this country (Pakistan)– says Baba Jan, a sane voice from Gilgit Baltistan. India has repeatedly warned Pakistan against holding election in this disputed region. But to no avail.

Govt Of China Instructs Soldier’s Family To Hold Private Funeral After India-China Border Clash

In a blog post that went viral, the political commissar of Xiangtan city, Hu Yifei, advised family of a soldier named Wang Xiaobai to hold a private funeral. According to the post, the family was informed that due to special circumstances the cremation had been done and that the soldier’s ashes had been buried.

Is Pakistan Heading For Another Dictatorship?

Pakistan takes solace in dictatorship every decade or so since it came into existence. The last dictatorship of Gen. Parvez Musharaf ended in 2008. Since then, Pakistan has been fighting for its democracy to survive. But today, the atmosphere doesn’t look good. All the indicators are in favor of an upcoming dictatorship.