Rise of stone-pelters in Kashmir

Hizbul Mujahideen is facing a fratricidal war in its terror ranks.
It has very recently sacked its top commander Zeenat-Ul-Islam(A++ category terrorist) for “running away” from Kachdoora encounter.
Recently a Pakistani terrorist was arrested, who was later identified as Zabiullah s/o Sonaullah r/o Multan. While the Cordon & search operation was on to find him,his  `blood is thicker than water’ jihadi brothers abandoned him & fled. (Ouch!!!)

Later the local family giving him shelter also came out of their home & the terrorist was taken into custody. It is said that he was found in a “half-dead’ condition when the forces broke in to arrest him. He should be thanking his stars for our forces spared him the head shot, but Musavir Hussan wani of Pulwama was not so lucky. Killed a few days back, he was taken down with a perfect head shot!!! #Kangan  #Pulwama

This total meltdown in terror ranks has caused a spike in stone pelting. Efforts are on, to get locals to take on security forces as terrorists are desperately trying to re-organise themselves.
An operation on 1st of April operations shattered terror morale. A total of 13 terrorists were killed in south Kashmir, a number so high hasn’t been touched in any operation in recent times. But this came at the cost of the supreme sacrifice of 4 Indian soldiers.

Stone pelters will distract the army and help buy time for the terror organisations like Hizbul Mujahideen and Laskar-E-Toiba to re-populate themselves.

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