Why are Jyotirlinga temples in India positioned as per Fibonacci/Pingala series?

The Jyotirlinga temples in India, are dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that at these temples Lord Shiva appeared as a column of fire or the lingam of light. Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Stotra says there are 12 such Jyotirlingams in India, and that every devotee of Shiva must visit these temples. But what piques my curiosity is the progressive spiral shape around which these temples are situated.

If you draw a line over the Jyotirlinga temples on India’s map then the final result is the shape of a conch shell or the Fibonacci pattern. This is also called the Pingala series as ancient Indian poet and mathematician Pingala is credited with the research on the conch shape pattern in nature. This pattern is a nature’s secret code, they say. Thanks to whoever drew this spiral in the picture.

For beginners, Fibonacci numbers are a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding number–1,1,2,3,5,8… and the next number in the series will b 5+8 and so on. You can continue adding number in this series till infinity. This mathematical pattern is graphically represented as a spiral.

In nature, Fibonacci series is found everywhere; in the arrangement of sunflower seeds, pine cones,web of spider to the shape of conch shell.

Law of energy states–Energy always balances itself. Energy flows from a point where it is concentrated to the colder universe. This is exactly the reason why air flows from a region of high pressure to low pressure. This also the reason why water always flows from the mountains to sea. High to low!!!

Take a look at the 1st picture of India’s map once more. The arrows show the flow of life energy.

Arrows indicate the outward flow of life energy

It is believed that to a person who has attained a certain degree of spirituality these lingas appear as columns of fire piercing through the earth. Now let me show u the solar irradiation map of India.

Solar irradiation map of India

The darker regions receive higher solar radiation than the regions with lighter colour, in the map. Gist of it is — heat energy flows from region that receives higher amount of solar radiation to region which receives lower amount of solar radiation. Rings a bell? Since Jyotirlingas have been on earth since time immemorial, little deviations in the energy flow can be expected. Going by the paucity of information available, I can not exactly point to the form of energy that flows from one lingam to the other, but I’m convinced Jyotirlingas are sources of a form energy which helps illumine one’s intellect.

To every Hindu, the ultimate purpose of life is moksha, which can be attained only when you’re at peace with yourself. Or let’s say, when one achieves balance of flow of energy within oneself. You must find how your energy flows best.


Did u knw lotus, a holy flower in Hinduism, also follows Fibonacci pattern? Burj Khalifa in UAE, the tallest tower in the world, has been inspired by the shape of a flower, as the architects found out that the winds cause lesser damage to structure of this shape.

Unravelling of a Lotus
Burj Khalifa’s shape inspired by flower’s with Fibonacci pattern.
Image result for burj khalifa lotus shape

There’s a dedicated stotram for Jyortinlanga temples in Dwasha stotram. It mentions names of all the 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India.

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