India For UNSC Seat, Releases Brochure Outlining India’s Priorities

India’s external affairs minister, Dr S Jaishankar, releases the brochure Credit:

India releases a brochure outlining it’s priorities when it gets elected for UNSC seat representing Asia-Pacific group. India’s external affairs ministry is very confident that it will be elcted for the 8th time to this seat. It will be a 2 yr long term which will commence in January 2021.

The election for the UNSC seat will be held on June 17th, 2020. Dr Jaishankar, India’s has stressed that India will take a principled approach, and that it will be the voice of moderation, an advocate of dialogue, and proponent of International law.

The priorities set in the brochure include

I. New Opportunities for progress
ii. An Effective response to international terrorism
iii. Reforming the multilateral system
iv. A comprehensive approach to international peace and security
v. Promoting technology with a human touch as a driver of solutions India says it desires to achieve N.O.R.M.S—an acronym for a New Orientation for a Reformed Multilateral System. In a first of it’s kind campaigning, India’s external minister who is considered very proactive has also declared that when India gets elected it will be guided by 5S’s —Samman (Respect), Samvad (Dialogue),Sahyog (Cooperation), and Shanti(Peace), to create conditions for universal Samriddhi (Prosperity).

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