US calls for UNSC meeting to discuss Hong Kong Issue

America has called for a virtual meeting of UNSC (United Nations Security Council) members to discuss Hong Kong’s predicament. According to Sino-British joint declaration of 1984, Hong Kong till recently enjoyed a special status, but now there’s a sword of Chinese security law hanging over it. US mission to UN has brusquely reminded China that the treaty signed in 1984 is legally binding and accepted by United Nations itself. But the new security law brought about by China undermines Hong Kong’s freedom and security, and that this is a matter of global concern. China has always asked other countries to not interfere in Hong Kong, and has maintained that it follows one country and two systems vis-à-vis Hong Kong.

America has accused China of not being transparent and that it is brushing the Hong Kong issue under the carpet by not allowing a meeting of UNSC members. Meanwhile President of America, Donald Trump, has made equally abrasive remarks about China’s mistreatment of Hong Kong. He said he thinks Chinese government’s moves to introduce the measure in Hong Kong is a “tragedy”. He added, preferential treatment with regards to trade and travel that Hong Kong enjoyed till now, will be ended.   

Irony is, that till few months ago China used to take keen interest in Kashmir, union territory of India, which Pakistan lays claim over. In January this year, China and Pakistan had requested the present presidency holder of UNSC, Vietnam, to allow discussion on Kashmir issue. But most of the members of the UN Security Council, who had gathered at UN for an informal meeting, declined the request as they called it a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

Another important declaration he made was—America snapping it’s ties with World Health organization (WHO).

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