Silence Rattles The Bravest

 Article by Esha   

The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is deeply hated by the opposition of this country and everything that happens in India seems to be his doing, as per their narration. Be it a criminal encountered in Uttar Pradesh, a hapless girl/women raped brutally, people robbed on the streets or mob lynching. The political cacophony against Modi ji has reached a crescendo and the real objective of serving the country is floundering beneath it all. If one goes by the ruckus created by the media, it would be very difficult to come to any conclusion regarding the current political scenario or make any head of tail of it. He has maintained a silence and at the same time, systematically decimated the coterie. Many have tried and are continuously trying to instigate him but to no avail, instead they have tied themselves in knots.

The recent case which has gripped the imagination of the common man is the hapless death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The case is under investigation and a lot of skeletons are tumbling out and many more will do so. Sushant Singh Rajput’s unfortunate and untimely death has rattled many. Why? Many had heaved a sigh of relief, when channels ran the news of his death as a suicide. But this seems to be one crime too many for the rogues. They have unknowingly opened the Pandora’s Box, which the perpetrators had not dreamed about in their wildest dreams.

If one listens to the TV debates carefully, one will find Modiji is being dragged into this case too.Suspicions about something very wrong in the case could be felt because of all the hype created on the topic, daily on TV channels, either for or against the topic. One chain of thought spoken by Bhau Torasker on his YouTube channel really arrests the attention of the people and throws light on this issue.

Taking a cue from his observation one can learn a lot about the Prime Minister of India Narender Modi. Avery much admired persona the world over, he is nevertheless one of the most vilified too. No one is ready to give the man his due and instead he is abused in the worst possible way by a coterie, day in and day out. Yet he maintains a stoic silence and ignores his detractors with a contempt they deserve. This quality cannot be found easily among the best of men.

It is not a matter of joke, to rise so high up in life. How many people do we see achieving success, coming from very poor background? Very few, two people worth mentioning here is APJ Abdul Kalam and Narender Modi. Modiji has been hounded like no one else from 2002, but this never stopped him from going on. He tirelessly plods on to set right the mistakes of decades.

The quality he has time and again displayed, which is admired by his followers and has his detractors wringing their hands in utter despair, is his complete silence. Bhau Torasker has said as much in the above mentioned video. His sudden rise in Gujarat politics had been under scrutiny from the onset. Not much was known about him when he was chosen by the BJP to be the CM of Gujarat. He was fearless, took on the opposition ruthlessly and dealt with the rogues of Gujarat severely. This, certainly had alarmed the Congress enough to start a propaganda against him and the 2002 riots gave them the golden opportunity they were waiting for.

The media was used to the hilt, and witch hunting began in a big way. The attack was so severe that even the common Indians began believing that he was indeed guilty. The courts exonerated him but the fake stories never stopped. People were quick to plant sly tales about the credence of the judiciary, which many were quick to refute too. After all he was tried by the courts when Congress was in power, so even if insidious sources wanted him to be hounded till he was wiped out from the politics of India, it never could be achieved. His destiny had other plans for him and to the grief of the dynasty he concurred all odds and went on to become the Prime Minister of India not once but twice.

Coming back to the Sushant case, the ruling party of Maharashtra should have maintained silence. Modiji never stopped any media person from spewing venom against him nor did he get into any verbal altercation with them. He remained nonchalant and this was his greatest weapon. The instigation was extreme, anyone in his place would have retracted but he never gave anyone the satisfaction to catch him unawares. He mostly ignored the perpetrators and ignored the comments. This certainly increased the woes of his adversaries.

Whether it was the media channels or the common man on SM, public trial was held both in the case of 2002 Gujarat riots and is ongoing in the Sushant case. The difference of the accused in both is contrasting hugely to say the least. While Modiji, did not respond, the ruling party of Maharashtra gave a belligerent response, which it seems was exactly what the investigating bodies were laying a trap for. It was Bhau Torasker’s who pointed out the possibility of a trap laid out very carefully to bring to culprits to book, which seems to be a very sane inference. Now the Maha government as well as the Chakravarty family have tied themselves in knots and no one is to be blamed.

Modiji, if one carefully follows his pattern of functioning, never retaliates directly and allows a long rope to the loud mouths, then when they slip and show their hand he, quietly lets the law follow its own course. This actually is CHANAKYA NITI, fools canlive in LaLaLand for all his ardent followers care.

Article by Esha

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