A constitutional solution to Bengal, Art 3– Modi & Shah’s other options

By Santosh Bhave

India Politics changed forever after PV Narsimha Rao became PM. The broad policies he initiated began the collapse of the Nehruvian socialist era.

The Rath Yatra of BJP in the early 90’s & 1992 Babri Masjid demolition set in motion a series of underlying current of Hindutva & Nationalism. Then came the Vajpayee Govt. which furthered the underlying currents but not to the effect, due to coalition constraints.

The turning point came in 2002 when Karsevaks were burnt alive at Godhra and the subsequent riots shook the Hindus and many other non muslims communities to the core.

Narendra Modi, as Gujarat CM quelled the riots with an Iron Hand. It is important to state that the “Deep State” which came into real existence, after assassinating Lal Bahadur Shastri realised that Modi will be the biggest hurdle in their way.

So began the witch hunt.

Having realised the agenda of the deep state, Modi must have begun thinking of a Grand Plan and that required brute majority in Loksabha.

Seldom did they ( Deep State ) ever realised that each stone that was pelted towards Modi, was a boon in disguise to him. He grew larger and larger ! But at the same time he became alone in his own party ! Amit Shah became his closest confidante.

But Modi had friends within & outside BJP. I will not name the one’s outside BJP, except a hint-CWC member who constantly demanded that Rahul be made the Party president !

Within BJP there were friends like Arun Jaitley, Mahohar Parrikar, Rajnath Singh and last but not the least Ajit Doval, all of them stood with him through his thick and thin.

Modi’s re-election for the 2nd term set in motion the grand plan of the few. Attempts to sabotage the plan was made from within his own party as well.

By this time, the cabal of the UPA had realised that Modi was a real threat. Thus began the romantic affair between ISI and INC, which in the years to come, would prove to become their nemesis.

Come early 2012, Modi was declared the party’s PM candidate. With Amit Shah at the helm of the party affairs and his meticulous booth level planning and Networking, by Mid 2013, Modi knew he was going to make it !

The road map post 2014 & 2019 was taking shape. It is worth mentioning that members of the VIF, Ajit Doval & others provided the vitals to the road map.

2014 – To achieve the road map, Modi began charm his offensive by visiting countries, making friends. The world leaders were in awe of his popularity in India, there was curiosity among the heads of states.

Parallely Modi allotted a very important task to Sushma Swaraj.

She roped in MJ Akbar for middle east and S. Jaishankar ( Now FM ) for Europe and US. The hardwork of these three gave “Results” when Triple Talak, Art. 370 was abolished. There was pin drop silence from the Middle east, EU & US.

What was so special about Modi, these leaders felt ? I think his incorruptible quality and vision not only for his own country but for the world at large !

2016-2020– With Trump at the oval office, the democrats like the UPA had realised the threat to their very existence. He started punishing the Chinese CCP which started yielding results.

2019– Modi Shah wasted no time in abrogating Art. 370. Kashmir issue was mundane for Modi, the real was Aksai chin which was annexed by China in 1962.

With Art. 370 gone, Xi knew Modi meant business.

Modi knew Pakistan was never the real threat to India, but China under CCP was ! He had begun his manoeuvres of encircling China & Trump saw a real ally in India to contain China, thus the QUAD took shape.

With the Corona outbreak in China and the world shortly after, Xi Jingpin’s absolute authority with the CCP was shaky. Post Doklam standoff, Hu Jintao & Ziang Zemin factions within the CCP were looking for cracks.

2020– By Jan/Feb China had started troop build up in Ladakh, India responded to this in equal. This was a surprise to Xi. In order to gauge the mood the June 2020 HTH combat took place. Col. Santosh Babu and his brave men gave a bloody nose and inflicted twice casualties on the enemy side.

2021-Xi was frustrated both on his party turf & border turf.

Modi having beat the 1st Covid wave, the world was again in awe of India w.r.t population, Health Infra.

5 state elections were to be held, out of these West Bengal was the most crucial in terms of India’s strategic point. With large demographic change WB is a boiling pot.

The Cabal , INC, ISI   & CCP saw an opportunity here. Chhatisgarh Naxal violence was to draw out the CRPF from WB.

TMC Post Election victory followed by Large scale brutal Hindu genocide is a taking place. Mamata even appealed to all states to come together against the Centre. This is like a rebellion, challenging the democratically elected Central Govt.

Governor Dhankar made several appeals to Mamata as CM, but in vain. He saw Mamata will no longer hesitate to demand a separate state away from the India Union.

Modi shah and Doval must have had anticipated this quite a long time ago.

Invoking Art. 356 is no option, as again elections will have to be held and what if Mamata does an Hat trick. The real issue is not Mamata, but the illegal Bangladeshis and the Jehadi network.

So what are the options ?

The central Govt. under Art. 3 has powers to convert a state into a UT with or w/o statehood.

Parts of WB adjoining Assam, Odisha and Bihar can be merged respectively and a small UT as Bengal or Midnapore be created.

This seems not an easy task, but not impossible. The fact finding teams deputed by Centre are gathering vital in camera statements of the victims of violence and the L & O situation, which will satisfy the SC in events to unfold.

Now why out of blue Modi has called Gupkar Gang for a meet ? Is it an alibi for what big is going to happen in WB and POK ?

In such an event China might play some mischief at the Himalayan Border. India now has almost 2 Lakh troop strength.

By Santosh Bhave


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