Sugar Explosive– ISI & LeT Made 4 Attempts At Attacking India But Failed

Article by Levina

Will you believe it if you were to told that terrorists used sugar in an explosive which they had planted in a passenger train? Indian investigation agency, NIA, deserves a pat on it’s back for solving this case in mere 6 days.

Ostensibly, Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-E-Toiba had planned a series of blasts across India. This a story that starts at Darbhanga, Bihar and ends at Jammu Airforce base.  

On June 17th, there was a blast at Darbhanga Railway station (Bihar), fortunately nobody was hurt that day. During the investigation it became evident that the explosives were hidden in a parcel from Secunderabad.

 2 brothers, Imran Khan and Mohammed Nasir Khan, residents of Hyderabad, also the conspirators behind the blast, have now been arrested. Mohammed Nasir had visited Pakistan in 2012, where he was trained to make bombs using simple ingredients. Few days ago, over an encrypted platform, he was asked by his masters in Pakistan to create a bomb & place it in a long-distance train. Imran had used a 50ml bottle of medicine, in which he had put 2 chemicals along with sugar* and covered it with clothes. The parcel as planned, was put on a train to Darbhanga but as luck would have it, the parcel blasted at Darbhanga railway platform, and nobody was injured.

*Names of the other 2 chemicals are withheld.

Darbhanga, blast scene

In Darbhanga 3 blasts had taken place in 15 days which hinted at a bigger conspiracy. The case was soon handed over to NIA on 24th June. Then on 29th June drone attack took place in Jammu Airforce base, which was followed by a failed attempt by a LeT terrorist to plant a 5.5Kg explosives at a crowded place within Jammu. Police has confirmed that a Hindu religious site could also have been a target.

The next day Nadeem Abrar Bhat, LeT commander, was arrested by Jammu Kashmir Police during a vehicle inspection. But the series of events had not attended at this.

 It continued with Abrar leading Indian forces into a trap at a house in Parimpora where a Pakistani terrorist was hidden. After an arduous 14 hours long operation, the Pakistani terrorist was killed, and Abrar died in a friendly fire by his fellow terrorist.

NIA meanwhile was handed over Jammu Airforce base case, where it was found that 2 tiny drones carrying 3 layers of chemicals, which included RDX were used for explosion.

As if cornucopia of bad luck had hit LeT, the drone crashed before it could hit it’s targets inside the air force base. It has now been confirmed that a tragedy was thwarted due to the presence of Drone jammers inside the base. A day after the attack at Airforce base, drones were spotted over Kaluchak Military station.

NIA in it’s latest statement has said– this was a trans-national conspiracy to execute terrorist attacks across India and cause large scale damage to life and property. It’s a well known fact that ISI, Pakistan’s spy agency, trains and funds LeT, the terrorist group. Including the Darbhanga blast, LeT made 4 attempts to cause large scale blasts in last 2 weeks but all their attempts bit the dust as the attacks were thwarted by the alert agencies. But it might still not be over. Citizens must remain alert!

You can watch more on it Jammu attack here>>>

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