Why is India, Greece & UAE’s trilateral dialogue significant?

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Article by Levina

Greek foreign minister has said that India, Greece & UAE will hold a trilateral dialogue. That will be a trio which no one imagined would come together. So what helps coalesce these nations?

Few recent headlines might help us understand this better.

  • Greek media had reported that Turkey could be looking to acquire nuclear weapons via Pakistan. This is definitely a cause of alarm for Greece which has recently been sharing turbulent relations with Turkey.
  • Greece dominates the sea opening towards Turkey via Crete island and the it is a possibility that India & UAE might utilise it.  Earlier Crete had played a significant role during US’s missions in middle east. Sometime back in history the Island ws under Ottoman control earlier. This is the largest tourist spot in Greece.
  • Partnering with Greece comes with another benefit for UAE & India— we use similar platforms like Mirage 2000 (Greece & India) & Rafale (UAE,Greece & India).But Qatar recently agreed to deploy 36 of it’s fighter jets in Turkey, which includes Mirage 2000 & Rafale.

Media reports speculate that these fighter jets can be accessed by Pakistani & Turkish pilots. For obvious reasons this hasn’t gone down well with India & Greece.

  • Recently in an article published in Greek media it was reported that Greece might like to buy Brahmos and integrate it to their Rafale. It is very possible as confirmed by many professionals. But as such there have been no official confirmation on this.
  • Intelligence cooperation! Turkey against NATO rules utilized minorities in Greece to spy against Greece, putting the latter on tenterhooks. It’s a known fact that Israel India & UAE share intelligence reports, and with Greece’s inclusion this will become a formidable group.

Erdogan’s statement “Kashmir is as important to Turkey as it is to Pak” ws followed by report—Syrian terrorists are being readied for Kashmir by Turkish Military. Such belligerent acts has earned Erdogan India’s ire.

  • UN Security Council: Last year India was elected as non-permanent member of the powerful UN Security Council for a two-year (2021-2022), winning 184 votes in the 193-member General Assembly, which is not an easy feat.

This year UAE won the same seat for the term 2022-2023 and Greece is expected to take the plunge in 2024-2025. Greece also supports expansion of UNSC, and that INDIA should be one of the permanent members of UNSC. This is something which was discussed during Mrs Sushma Swaraj’s stint as Foreign Minister.

The issue is that Turkey Pak & Qatar’s alliance has kept India, Greece & UAE on its toes. Greece is Turkey’s neighbor, pakistan is India’s neighbor & same is true for the duo Qatar & UAE. Unfortunately none of the aforementioned duos share a great bond with each other.

But then foreign affairs dont have jst black & white zones, it has some GREY zones too. For example

Turkish company will help build NAVAL vessels in Vizag and China  shares a great bond with Greece. Infact one of Greece’s ports have been leased to China. Port of Piraeus in Greece is majority owned by China COSCO Shipping which is the 3rd largest container ship company in the world

Similarly, UAE & Turkey maintain good trade relations.

Not maintaining cordial relations with others works against a nation—is a fact!

Yet, a country has to prepare itself for eventualities in case relations go sour.

The recent developments albeit are a proof of how India has now begun to expand it’s horizons. When Dr S Jaishankar recently visited Greece it was the 1st time in 18 years that an Indian FM went to Greece.

Among other developments Indian Navy’s INS Tabar also undertook drills with Greek Navy ship in Mediterranean. This is also a possible sign of an emerging corridor in the region.

Dawn of a new epoch for Indian foreign policy?

INS Tabar during a joint exercise with Greek navy

Article by Levina

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