Indian Confucius Hacker Attack Pakistan Military– China Confirms

Indian group of hackers code named “Confucius”, launched fresh attacks on the Pakistan government and military institutions— claims a Chinese Cyber security firm.
It calls the Indian attack an APT (advanced persistent threat (APT) group), Global times confirms.Pakistani National Telecom & Information Technology Security Board has issued a nationwide warning.

Indian group of hackers have been a persistent headache for both the Pakistani and Chinese govt. The latter also claims that Indian hackers share codes with other brethren Indian hackers and that Pak & Chinese govt are being attacked by a pack of hackers.
Earlier Chinese companies had come under the attack of India Hacker group called Elephants.
(You can watch the video here:

As per Global times ” After one and a half years of investigation and analysis, a Chinese cybersecurity company found that an advanced persistent threat (APT) group based in India with a code name “Confucius”, had launched fresh attacks on the Pakistani government and military institutions. 

Chinese cybersecurity company Antiy told the Global Times on Tuesday that the group’s earliest attacks can be traced back to 2013. It mainly targeted governments, military and energy sectors of neighboring countries like China, Pakistan and Bangladesh to steal sensitive data.  “

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