Reality Of Martyr’s Day

The false narrative factory employs many to distort history, spin new and tall tales, and erase the voices of other stakeholders, so that the ongoing jihad for ‘Azadi’ is justified — not just to the Kashmiri people but also to an attentive international audience.

It helps to recruit new members, both at home and abroad to the ‘Azadi’ brigade, and winning new global allies respectively. The unfortunate events around July 13, 1931, saw pre-planned communal riots and eventually led to the unfortunate deaths of 22 rioters. The state, which has been governed by successive Kashmir-centric political parties, has chosen to remember the incidents of 1931 as Martyrs Day in memory of the 22 rioters who lost their lives during the clashes with the state forces.

The J&K state forces were mainly made up of martial races of Jammu Province, both Hindus & Muslims in equal numbers. On the other hand, the Kashmiri rioters were allegedly pelting stones and attempting to break in and enter the Central Jail in Srinagar as a manner of protest.

The rioters were all who died were Muslims from the Valley. All this was apparently unleashed by non-state actors like Abdul Qadir and state actors like Sheikh Abdullah and his cohorts. It was reportedly masterminded by British officer Wakefield and aided and abetted by the Political Department of the British Indian Government. July 13 was also a day which saw many acts of barbarism committed against Hindus in the Valley.

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