An ISI Agent Arrested, Used To Pass Info For Rs 2000 per Photograph

UP ATS arrests an ISI agent who was passing info about Indian Army 🇮🇳movements in Arunachal for Rs 2000/ photograph

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) apprehended an individual in Lucknow on Tuesday, accusing him of engaging in espionage activities for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and transmitting crucial information to their counterparts across the border.

According to ATS officials, the arrested individual, known as Shailesh Kumar, also using the alias Shailendra Singh Chauhan, hails from Kasganj. Notably, he was employed as a contract-based porter in the army quarters in Arunachal Pradesh.

In the course of their investigation, it was revealed that Shailesh Kumar had established contact with an individual named Harleen Kaur through social media, who was identified as an ISI agent. Subsequently, they initiated communication on a messaging platform.

“Harleen introduced the accused to another ISI operative named Preeti, who confirmed her affiliation with the ISI and promised financial rewards if Shailesh cooperated,” stated the ATS.

The ATS further disclosed that Shailesh had been instructed to provide photographs depicting the movements of the Indian army, for which he received a payment of Rs 2,000 per image.

The reason for Shailesh’s involvement in this illicit activity was his social media profile, where he portrayed himself in an army uniform. This made him an attractive target for ISI operatives, as noted by a senior officer.

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