JeM Terrorist Shahid Latif and Bodyguard Found Dead in Pakistan

In an interesting turn of events, notorious JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) terrorist Shahid Latif, who had a significant involvement in the infamous Pathankot Airbase attack, has been discovered dead along with his bodyguard. The incident occurred in Sialkot, Pakistan, sometime between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. on the 11th of October at Jamia Masjid Ddaska, and the perpetrators remain unidentified.

Shahid Latif, also known as JeM Terrorist Shahid Latif, had a notorious reputation as a chief handler of the Pathankot Airbase attack, an event that raised tensions between India and Pakistan. Notably, Shahid Latif had been released by the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government in 2010 as a goodwill gesture, raising questions about the effectiveness of such measures and the potential risks associated with the release of high-profile detainees.

One of the key aspects of Shahid Latif’s history is his association with those involved in the hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814. This incident, which occurred in 1999, marked a significant and distressing chapter in the history of aviation and international relations. Shahid Latif’s involvement in these high-profile acts of terrorism underscored the complexity of counterterrorism efforts in the region.

According to Pakistani media 3 motocycles came and shot at Shahid, along with him Hashim was also killed. A 3rd person who was injured is admitted to the hospital.

The circumstances surrounding Shahid Latif’s death remain shrouded in mystery, as unknown gunmen reportedly executed him and his bodyguard. The lack of clarity regarding the identity and motive of these assailants raises concerns about security and ongoing tensions in the region.

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