Op Bakhpura– Hunting down terrorists who massacred Kashmiri Pandits in Nadimarg

In Nadimarg, Kashmir, the once bustling home of Bhats, a Kashmiri Pandit family, is now a dilapidated house. 24 members of the Bhat family– 11 men, equal number of women and two toddlers, were killed on 23rd march, 2003.

Dr Manmohan Singh’s Contribution in Emasculating Indian Army And to an Epoch of Corruption in India

A shadow Prime Minister, is but a myth that movies like accidental Prime Minister help propagate, about Dr Manmohan Singh Kohli. An old aphorism—a man should be judged by his actions and not words, is deft for someone like Dr Singh, who spoke sporadically, yet managed to make it to the second highest chair of India, which by no means is an easy feat, and is most definitely not accidental.